RIP, Taylor Hawkins

Shocking news of the worst kind

Wow dead at 50. Died by suicide perhaps? Or some kind of freak medical event?

They’re in Colombia right now. They were about to hit the stage when they found him dead in his hotel room.

Christ this is horrible.

50 years old, fuck me. Too young.

I’m utterly shocked.
The dude seemed so freaking healthy and happy every time I saw him.

It’s the Post, but they’re citing Colombian journalists

I hope it’s not, but I think he had drug problems in his past, and he would not be the first person to die from even what could be considered a relatively minor relapse. It’s awful no matter what happened.

However, there are reports he had reported chest pains to the hotel staff.

My brother’s tribute, he drummed along to Learn to Fly this weekend.

(Yeah, that spinny thing with the stick he does at the top is cool, whatever. Try being a teenager living with him in an apartment on hardwood floors while he learned how to do that shit.)

That was awesome, thanks for sharing.

My understanding is that the drugs in his system aren’t exotic, but rather common for a whole host of aliments.

Died way too soon and way too young.

Man, everybody loved Taylor.