RIP Tim Conway


Conway never fails to crack me up in any sketch he was in on the Carol Burnett Show. And as I recall, he usually cracked up the other cast members during the sketch as well.


God dammit. He was one of the first funny people I took note of during my childhood, and I’ve just been a massive fan ever since. RIP sir, and thank you.


Let’s play some classics:


Loved watching him on the Carol Burnett show each Saturday night when I was growing up. Carol Burnett is in my town tonight to share excerpts from the show and take questions from the audience and I am taking my mom for Mother’s Day present. Be interested in seeing what she says - won’t be an easy evening for her.


Sad news. The elephant skit is one of my favorites.


Oh wow. Update us on what she said. Conway/Harvey/Vicki etc were great. I loved most of the variety series and was a fan of mama’s family…not much on back that but mama’s family could be good.

Conway was great with Knotts too.


Oh man, I loved the Carol Burnett show, Tim Conway and the rest of the cast were fantastic and had such great chemistry.



I was going to post a joke yesterday about when The Shaggy D.A. was going to get a video game version. Weird. Anyway, sad news. I loved Don Knotts and Tim Conway when I was a kid. The Apple Dumpling Gang FTW.


Don’t forget McHales Navy!


I’ve been a fan most of my life. He started his comedy career as a sidekick to the Friday night schlock horror movie host on a local Cleveland station. The he headed to LA and appearances on the Steve Allen show before landing the McHale’s Navy gig. Got to meet him as a teenager when he was visiting his hometown of Chagrin Falls, OH. A very nice and very funny man. RIP


I grew up 5 minutes away from Chagrin Falls in Novelty, OH. Between Tim Conway and Bill Watterson, that town has produced some true comedy geniuses!


What’s a Tim Conway?




God, I loved the Carol Burnett Show growing up. And even after it ended I would stop down anytime I came across reruns. So damn good. And everyone has always said such a sweet guy. Very sorry to see him go.


Wasn’t National Lampoon founder (and Stork in Animal House) Doug Kenney also from there?


Tim Conway: There Can Be Only One.
And we will never have another like him.
A true classic.


Damn, you’re right! Wiki says Kenney was born in FL then moved to Chagrin Falls. They must put some funny shit in their popcorn balls.


Wasn’t he Peg Bundy’s dad?


I dunno, but I just googled the words “Peg Bundy’s dad” and saw a picture of Tim Conway. The plot thickens.


Peg’s father was Ephraim Wanker (Tim Conway). What a name.