RIP Tina Turner

RIP madam.

Godspeed Ms Turner!

Great lady.

I guess we do need another hero.

Another of the greats, gone. I feel like half the people I grew up hearing on the radio and MTV in the 80s have passed away the past few years. What an incredible career she had.


Yeah, I spend way too much time weeping for lost icons. She’s been ill a long time, but it still hurts.


This one hurts. Loved her concerts. She’ll be missed.

My feelings, exactly. She was amazing as strong a woman as she was a singer. We’ve suffered quite a few icons dying in our time but Tina was special, for sure.

RIP, Tina.

And catch her here, at the climax and the outro

Truly and icon and a legend. She was one of the most unstoppable forces of nature I have ever seen live. She gave more energy in one show than most artists do in an entire tour. RIP Tina.

I don’t know what makes me feel older, the fact that she’s passed away or the fact that she was 83. Your 40s are definitely a tough decade as all these people who were just everywhere while you were a kid (even though you might have been too young to really be into them) start passing away. How long before it’s Harrison Ford?

I remember seeing Tina Turner was still doing concerts a little over a decade ago and thinking “wow, still doing exciting concerts at 70!” Now I’m going to a half-dozen concerts this year fronted by 70-ish-year-olds. (The Cure, Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, etc.) Tina was always a trendsetter.

Amazing talent and stuck with her passion going through a lot of crap that would have sent lesser people running. Rest in peace.

Aw man, The Queen of Rock N Roll. Rest easy your highness.

Great voice and sexy as hell (can I say that?). RIP

This is a tough day.

I was a roadie on one of her tours. Tina was such a great human who treated the crew with kindness. I used to watch her sets leaning against the booth she used to change up in.

I have so many fond memories of those shows.

She would dance the legs off the younger dancers with her.

I never saw a show of hers live, but even just listening to her music on the radio, her tremendous energy came through more than almost anyone else could even approach. A powerhouse in every sense of the word. The world is a lesser place without her. RIP, indeed.

Oh man! I remember when she made her ‘comeback’ with What’s love got to do with it. And then ended up with a huge career for the next few decades. So awesome.