RIP Tom Petty - Singer/Songwriter Dead at 66


According to sourcing from TMZ, it appears that Tom Petty may have passed away today, or at the very least seems to be in extreme medical distress. They are saying that he was found not breathing and that, while a pulse was achieved, he had no brain activity when he reached the hospital and was subsequently removed from life support.

edit: sadly, confirmation:


HOLY SHIT. I got no other words.


He’s passed. Reported by TMZ that they removed him from life support after no signs of brain activity.


That’s sad. I loved his music. I loved his SiriusXM show Buried Treasures even more. Listening to that show was special.


Very sad. RIP, indeed. Listening to “Free Fallin’” in memoriam.




Well shit.


Jesus that’s it, today is a write off, I’m gonna go stick my head under a pillow and jam my fingers in my ears.

Anyone listening to Tom Petty albums in memoriam, don’t sleep on the soundtrack for “She’s the One”, it’s such a great bunch of songs.


Love that album. Never saw the movie but I bought it anyways.

I really wish 2017 would stop trying to compete with 2016.


God damn only 66 too. You couldn’t swing a dead womprat without hitting one of his songs being played on the radio at any given time in the 80s. It wasn’t uncommon to hear his hits, namely ones like Free Fallin, on mainstream pop stations like KISS FM down in SoCal. I also really enjoyed his work in the Traveling Wilburys.

RIP Mr. Petty.


Holy shit is right! I wasn’t particularly a fan, but there’s no denying he was talented. RIP


Laying on the couch after school.




confirmed (or maybe not - see the click through, apparently someone in the LAPD or LA Sheriffs office gave incorrect information as of this afternoon)

Rest in Peace Mr. Petty.


Well crap. This week is already terrible and Monday’s not over yet.

RIP, Mr. Petty, Damn the Torpedoes will always have a special place in my heart.


Damn man this is sad. I loved Tom Petty. And I was avoiding the news over the 72-hour shooter cycle we just started on when my GF texted me to tell me.

I have no words right now, I’m just sincerely sad to hear Tom is gone. RIP, brother. Your music got me through a lot.


If the 3-hour Peter Bogdonovich documentary on Petty’s career is still on Netflix, it’s a must-watch.


I mean, “American Girl”. The second line of the song is juuuust barely a little too short for the meter of the melody.

But that’s ok, because that line makes the lyric: “She was an American girl/Raised on promises.” And if you’ve come up with something that fucking perfect, you can drop a half-meter and it’s all amazing.

Such an amazing songwriter.


Fuck me. He was one of my favorites.


When my sister was a baby, I would tell her that “Freefallin” was a song about her because she’s a good girl. It’s too bad he’s gone. I don’t think I ever met anyone who didn’t like his songs.