RIP Tom Petty - Singer/Songwriter Dead at 66


Wow, this year! I wasn’t a fan but the man could write a damn catchy song and I remember in the 80s you could not watch MTV without seeing one of his videos especially that Alice In Wonderland one. RIP


One of the few chart-topping rock-and-rollers I really liked. Alas.



(Clinging to life doesn’t sound good. Think Carrie Fisher, I’m afraid.)


Ohhhh, internet! Will I ever stop loving you?


I don’t know that I’d want to live in world that didn’t have Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Damn the Torpedoes, and Hard Promises. What a body of work.


Some of his best stuff in recent years. RIP, Tom.


Hey, you want to feel old? That album is over twenty years old, released in '96.


I thought it was post-2000, but I thought wrong.


So bummed.

And we’re now down to just two Wilburys.


Sad news, lets hope for the best, I loved his music since I was a teen.

*not passed yet


Loved that video.


I just read a fun Rolling Stone interview with Jeff Lynne last week and a good chunk of it was about that band, his love of producing music over being the front man up on stage, how thrilled he was that they got Orbison to join it, etc.


yeah, I’m getting the same vibe, but updated the confirmed link.



I hate to be that guy, but he isn’t going to bounce back from this. From all reports, his heart stopped beating and he wasn’t breathing at all for some period of time until paramedics arrived. His organs can run on autopilot for a certain period of time but the guy we knew as Tom Petty - he’s gone, folks.


I hope this doesn’t turn out to be one of those “he told everyone he kicked heroin, but really he’s been a walking drugstore for the last 20 years” deaths.


I think it’s more likely that his cardiovascular system was seriously compromised by decades of smoking.

Actually, Petty does have one other bad habit, and that’s cigarettes. He’s been smoking since he was 17, and though he’s down to less than a pack a day, he doesn’t even bother pretending he’s trying to quit. “I’m an addict, man,” he says. “I’m a sick fuck. I don’t light up in the car because people get upset. But I don’t understand why I can’t light up in a bar or park. I think that’s yuppie shit.”

It’s very sad news. Such a gifted songwriter. I second triggercut’s Runnin’ Down a Dream (2007) recommendation.


Just watched a “Behind The Music” video on him the other day.
Great songwriter. He’ll be missed.


Thanks. I don’t have Netflix, but I’m checking into other options now. I had never heard of this documentary.

Wow. Amazon has it available thru Quello, and they’re showing that it’s 4 frickin’ hours long? 4 hours?!? This is a must-see for me.

Thanks for that link, @MrTibbs. Great article. Really enjoyed it.


So reports are he is NOT dead…