RIP Tommy Keene


No idea of the details, just saw this from Chicago Cubs broadcaster and huge TK fan Len Kasper:

I’ve seen maybe two dozen Tommy Keene shows, and they were always terrific.


Yes, that is Jay Bennett, about 5 months before getting together with Jeff Tweedy to form Wilco playing guitar in that performance. Saw them on that tour, and they absolutely smoked. Their version of Montrose’s “Bad Motor Scooter” in the encore rocked harder than the original.


I saw him open for someone back in the 90s. Might’ve been Velvet Crush or like, The Sneetches or someone.

Power pop is not really my thing, but I remember really liking him. RIP.


Yeah he toured with the Velvet Crush as an adjunct guitarist for their sets, so probably them.


So sad. I was a big fan in the early 80s when WHFS in DC had this song on heavy rotation


Yeah, it was kind of a bummer that when he originally signed with Geffen in the early-mid '80s, they tried to make him something he wasn’t and overproduced his two major label records so much. Because there are some goddamn great songs on those early records. They just didn’t capture the awesomeness of Strange Alliance.

(But on further review…)

Safe journey TK.



Tommy’s brother with some heartfelt, sometimes very sad and sometimes very funny memories.

I love the Kenny Aronson story, it draws on something I’ve heard from literally dozens of folks in the last few days who have shared a stage with Tommy Keene: he was the best musician and guitarist any of them had ever seen. It seems clear that if he wanted a career as a session musician, he could’ve easily done that, but for him being on the creation side of making music was wanting to do his own songs.