RIP - Ultimate Warrior

I know he went a little around the bend on the internet in his later years (the infamous Something Awful incident, for example) but I used to watch the heck out him as a kid on Saturday morning WWF.

I read the obit, wondering why the heck they were referring to the guy by his wrestling nickname. Around paragraph 9 or 10, they finally referenced his birth name and pointed out that he had his name legally changed to The Ultimate Warrior.

Legal reasons, I’m sure, but not obvious to the wrestling outsider. Anyway, RIP. Those guys work hard for their chosen living.

IIRC, his legal name change was to simply “Warrior”.

His children have Warrior as their last name though.

I wonder what the cause of death was, although I can’t imagine it being anything other than the long term effects of years of steroids and cocaine use.

The timing on this was… odd, to say the least. After WWE put out a smear DVD a few years back, they were finally able to get on good terms, inducted him into their Hall of Fame on Saturday, signed him to a part-time Legends contract and had him on TV Monday. Watching his final promo from Monday night, knowing what we now know is chilling.

RIP Warrior! I loved watching him when I was a kid.

WWE’s Warrior Tribute from this past Monday Night Raw…

I had also read that WWE sent 2 high level agents (executives, whatever) to help his widow with things…

Say what you want about Vince McMahon and the WWE…and God knows I have said my fair share…but Vince does good things for not only his current crop of ppl, but those who have worked for him in the past.

That tribute brought tears to my eyes, when he said the greatest thing he has done is to be a dad to his daughters. Growing up, Warrior was by far my favorite wrestler. RIP.

This is making me want to subscribe to the new WWE channel and go back and watch some of his matches.

That was pretty cool. But man, his kids are still young, that really sucks. Has there been a statement on what he died of yet?

Massive heart attack.

according to the reports, he had heart disease, but drugs/alocohol were not a “direct” contributing factor to his death, and none were found in his system when he died. I guess the drugs he took when he was younger could have contributed, but I also read that both his dad and his grandfather died from heart disease when they were in their 40s and 50s.

Never really was a huge fan, but he did have a great impact on the industry. Extremely sad, sudden news. I am really happy he was able to reconcile with the WWE right before the end.