RIP Vera Lynn

UPDATE: Maybe I should link to the British news source:

I would not have guessed that she was still alive. Astonishing.

yeah, I saw this this morning. I can’t say I know much about her other than being mentioned in one of Pink Floyd’s songs on “The Wall” but she must have really been something back in the day.

I’ll admit, my knowledge of her comes from the finale of Dr. Strangelove…

Did I know she was still alive? I might have known but then forgotten.

“We’ll Meet Again” instantly evokes that early period of WWII when England stood fast against Hitler. RIP.

Her songs were what was needed 80 years ago.

but it was 80 years ago

All I know about Vera Lynn is that she can draw windows on skin and has a healing grin, possibly.

I guess that answers at least one of Roger Waters’ questions.

Does anybody else in here
feel the way I do?

Well, someone has to do it.

I was about to post how I only know of her from that Robyn Hitchcock song.