I enjoyed the trailer to this, and I like Ryan Reynolds, so I’m hopeful.

People on the net are complaining it looks like a Men in Black clone. Has anyone read the comics? Might this be worth watching?

All I know is that when I see billboards for this, all I think is “Rhode Island Police Department”, which doesn’t seem like an especially exciting movie.

Haha, same thing I saw when I saw the poster this morning!

But damn, I absolutely hate Ryan Reynolds but love Jeff Bridges!!!

It looks completely like a Men in Black clone in almost every way. However, it looks a lot better than the last couple of Men in Black movies. James Hong is going to own that shit.

Yeah, they should replace Reynolds fully with James Hong and replace Jeff Bridges with an animated Yosemite Sam since he’s half way there already. Looks like a hard movie to sit through as is.

It does look like a MiB clone. And Yosemite Sam seems as apt a description of whatever-it-is Jeff Bridges is doing.

I’ll probably watch it anyway. It doesn’t look GI Joe or Pacific Rim level bad.

So no one else got a G vs E vibe off this? Because that was my first thought, rather than MiB. Maybe because “odd-couple cop buddies” is such a common staple, it’s easy to find examples.

Yeah, a lot of MiB, a bit of Ghostbusters. And a whole lot of lame.

Ryan Reynolds is getting WAY overexposed. He needs to slow down and pick better material.

Enh. He made 1 movie in 2010. 2 movies in 2011. 2 movies in 2012, 1 movie in 2013 (RIPD), with some voiceover work in two animated movies. He may not be making great movies but he’s not really whoring it up at a prodigious rate.

I feel that Ryan Reynolds is America’s response to Sam Worthington.

Safe House and Buried were pretty damn good. Also, I’d argue Reynolds was the highlight of Safe House, despite the movie having a kick ass cast.

Yeah, I wouldn’t call Ryan Reynolds overexposed. I also generally like him, even though I won’t go see something just because he’s in it. Jeff Bridges, on the other hand, I’ll go watch in just about any movie.

I was going to say “Dead Like Me with guns”, but it looks like that’s basically what GvE is, so… yeah.

He’s doing his Rooster Cogburn character from True Grit, minus the eye patch.

Between this and Seventh Son I think Jeff Bridges is just playing a colossal joke on everyone, dialing his Rooster Cogburn shtick up to 11 and daring the director to give him some notes.

GvE also had a sweet orange Volvo…

I miss G vs E.

I just saw a preview for another of his upcoming films, Seventh Son. He’s doing the same impression for that one too. What the hell happened to Bridges?

edit: whoops, didn’t see the post by BiggerBoat in which he says essentially the same thing.

This isn’t being screened for critics, so I guess it’s really bad.

Hell, the previews alone give that impression.