Rise of Legends Demo

Supposedly coming out tomorrow Mar 31st. Be on the alert.

Noon EST on gamespot. I shall play this over the weekend. It’ll be my first RTS love-in with the QT3 crowd!

/me chants, “may it not suck, may it not suck, may it not suck.”

For me it’s " may it run on my computer, may it run on my computer."

Multiplayer demo or single? Both?

I’m lazy. :)

sp only IIRC


What’s the point then?

I think my favorite part of the CGM cover story on this game, was when the person showing off the game was talking about how most RTS games nowadays reward the Piano players (the guys who know the hotkeys by heart). That’s my biggest pet peeve ever since I’ve played Warlords Battlecry 2.

I seriously thought that after WBC2 everyone would see how you can make a beautiful interface which allows infinite build queues, attitude for all troops that can be set before they are even produced, and attitudes that allow troops to use their special abilities without you having to micromanage and hotkey everything.

And then Warcraft 3 came out, and it had none of those things. In fact, you even had to press “A” before moving your troops all the time!! I mean come on! Who on earth doesn’t want “Attack move” to be the default way troops should move most of the time? Why make them press an extra button on the keyboard? Why can’t I just sit back and do everything with the mouse for god’s sake? Heck, I didn’t even know about Attack move, and was having a hell of a time with the game until my friend saw me play and said “why aren’t you using attack move?”, and I said something like “What the hell is attack move? You mean to tell me that these stupid troops don’t even attack someone if they see them? What the hell kind of game is this?” Of course, the game got a lot easier once I knew about Attack move. But you still had so many freaking units who wouldn’t use their special abilities and you had to hotkey to use them.

So yeah, I’m looking forward to the rare RTS that doesn’t force you to be a Piano player. Hotkeys are fine for people who are hardcore and really want to play against other hardcore people. But an RTS really should be playable for the more casual RTS player like myself using just the mouse. I think WBC2, and 3 did this the best. Kohan was also playable with just the mouse, and I think it was Age of Mythology which even allowed you to group troops together into “1” “2” “3”, etc. without having to press Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2, etc. And you could recall the armies from little tabs around the interface. That was nice.

Hopefully this new Rise of Legends will be another RTS like that.

Hmmmm…gr8t post, Rock8man. However, in my advanced age I’m starting to need hotkeys, or at least ones that are easily adapatable to the Natus scheme. That was my problem with WC3 (besides the RPG-ness of it); not that it required hotkeys, but you couldn’t format them!

But anyway, I can’t WAIT for this demo. And Matt: how can it suck?

So I can play it by myself?

Rut roh. This one is firmly in the camp where I know I’m going to buy it, so will the demo simply spoil the game a bit for me.

This will take time away from Oblivion, GRAW and Top Spin 2 so I have to pass…

Yeah I know I’ll buy it too. And probably won’t get the demo unless I end up at a friends house with my comp…

Rise of Nations required a hell of a lot of mental effort to get your build/research process right but it was an awesome game (even though I never did much in the campaigns, just pissing around in it was a lot of fun…much like what happens with me and turn based games.)

Will the demo have multi player? Ill download it tonight, I assume it will be huge.

Read the thread?

Is this the reference you mean? Because that is not a firm answer.

And the money quote

The real-time strategy game may not be in stores until May 9, but GameSpot readers will be able to see how the new fantasy-laden Rise of Nations sequel fares on Friday. The game’s single-player demo will premiere on GameSpot and be available for download at 9 a.m. PST.

How long before Fileplanet picks this up, do you think? I have a FP membership, so I’ll probably wait for it there.


I didn’t know what a whore I truly was until I spent the last five minutes of the countdown watching the clock on Gamespot. But that’s what therapy’s for, and that’s why I live in NYC.

I am praying for FileShack linkage.