Rise of Legends Demo?

Playing around with this today. How the hell do you build units? I see I can summon units every now and then but I cant see how I can build new ones?

Before anyone jumps on me I did do a search to see if anyone else asked this question but got a “internal server error”.

You’re playing as the Alim I presume? I don’t know if there are some building limitations in the campaign missions, but in Quick Battle, click the build icon (the hammer) in the main toolbar and build a Circle of Sand or Circle of Fire. These are the unit producing buildings for Alim (and later you can also build the Circle of Glass).

Thanks Shang. Yeah the Alin. I thought they were the only playable guys? And yes its the campaign. With a demo out they must be pretty close to release.

In the campaign yes, but in Quick Battle, you can choose between them and the Vinci.

Has anybody seen anything resembling a recent build of Rise of Legends? Playing this demo, I was struck by how clunky it feels. I recognise that the demo came with with really big disclaimers about its unfinished state, but why release a demo that performs this poorly on good hardware? A lot of people won’t read those disclaimers. Besides, I’m not yet convinced that the final product will perform much better, in any case.

Well, the IGN, Gamespy, Gamespot previews all say the final build runs a whole lot better. I think anyway.

My gripe wasn’t that it was to slow or sluggish. It was that the game was so lifeless and despite the amazing screen shots, I didn’t feel anything like those screen shots made me feel.

There was no, ooh, ahh, that looks so cool. It was more like, “What is that blob of units doing? It looks like they are having sex.” I am not sure what was missing, maybe a lot of the sound FX were not in it, and maybe they just used a place holder attack animation that made nearly all the units seem to do the same thing (when attacking).

Thats the stuff I hope they improved. Anyway, they said May 6th? Its not much longer until we get to play the finished product and see for ourselves.

Most places say late May now (May 23), so I’m betting the date has moved.

I didn’t get a chance to play the demo, but I did watch footage (I think) of it on X-play last week. The graphics looked muddy to me, and from what I saw , the interface looked pretty small and cluttered.

Hopefully things will be improved soon.

Game needs work, but I thought the unit designs were really cool, and the cities look great just like in the screenshots.

I agree that there is something lacking in it’s balance aesthetics.

RTS developers need to always remember to match the fiction with the gameplay. If a game has players “summoning” units, yet those units get spit out of buildings like any other, and act like any other unit; well, they’re not really being summoned are they?

Rise of Legends has potential but nothing in it yet speaks to me about a classic game. For example, of the Alim, only the glass cannon reminds of something magical and mysterious. The other units are made of magic glass - how can i tell? They don’t act like they were. We have fire breathing units, some are cool, others just generic. Ect.

This issue makes historic RTS much easier, but ultimately more boring then well conceived fantasy RTS.

I mostly played the Vinci, and only half a game as the Alin so maybe they suck in comparison, but I thought the Vinci played really strangely and got the whole “crazy inventors” thing across very well. Especially turning your buildings into giant telescopes and cannons etc.

I played Alim a whole lot in the demo. They feel like a mix between the Zerg and the Eldar of DoW. They’re pretty good.

One thing I really want is a higher zoom out level. I love how huge my city gets but damn

Imo, the game was missing a lot of its sound effects, and everyone needs to hear the carnage of the battlefield. Once they put those in, I think the units will feel more alive.

Did you try pressing ‘C’? It’ll zoom out to a top down view instead of the default isometric one.

One thing I really want is a higher zoom out level. I love how huge my city gets but damn

Try hitting Ctrl+C in-game. That’ll give you the Free Cam mode, which allows you to zoom out to nearly suborbital levels. Hitting Ctrl+C again returns you to the regular camera mode.

Hope this helps.

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