Rise of Legends - Help Thread

Hoping to have a thread to deal with questions on RoL (not gripes) since the documentation for the game sucks.

Question #1 - In the campaign map, you can build “city districts” - but I can’t find much info besides what I’ve figured out myself. I see that for every military district you have, it makes the enemy take one more turn to take over that territory. But outside of that game mechanic, I have no clue how to use them appropriately. Any help would be great.

Question #2 - Does the player receive any bonus’s for playing at a tougher difficulty level?

The primary reason for districts is to give you points for upgrades on the campaign map. I’m assuming you’re playing the Vinci part of the campaign.

Military gives you one Army point and defends the territory from opposing army attack. Industrial gives you one Invention point which you use to have the ability to build new units and upgrade the ones you have. Merchant districts gives you one point per turn to build new districts. Finally the palace districts gives you one Army and Invention point per turn. Each new district costs more points so it’s a good idea to build up those merchant districts early.

Also each district gives you reinforcements when attacking an adjacent territory. Merchants sends a cargo dirigible with 100 money, military sends musketmen, and industrial sends clockwork men.

Thanks for helping out! Ok, I’m still a bit confused on one part. So if I have mostly industrial distrcits, I’ll be able to research all the new advanced weapon types?

Also, how do I stop those 2 peons from stomping all over the land in the strategy map? I can’t be in 2 places at once! :)

The problem is industrial districts gives you one Invention point and that’s it. No more after the one. So really it’s just a stepping stone to Palace districts which gives you one point every turn. The trick is to focus on merchant districts to build up enough “wealth” to afford the palace and extra military districts.

If you engage the peons you’ll play a skrimish type game. If you win you get the territory and the peon is sent back to its home territory. If you beat the peon in his home territory he’s defeated and gone for good.

Sweet! That make sense… ok last question. If you are about to go into battle and you have 3 terrorites that you own bordering it… and all 3 have industrial territories. Will you be sent 3 clockwork’s to help with battle since there’s 3 territories next to it with industry plants?

If you engage the peons you’ll play a skrimish type game. If you win you get the territory and the peon is sent back to its home territory. If you beat the peon in his home territory he’s defeated and gone for good.

So if the peon is way into my territory, I can engage him and if he’s beaten, he’ll go all the back to his capitol city?

Yes, each neighboring province sends some kind of support. Lets say you have 3 provinces bordering on one you are attacking.

You will get 100 gold for every merchant district, so if one province has 2 merchant districts, it will give you 200 gold. As said before, industrials give you clockworks, and military give you infantry.

If a peon is about to attack you (you see the arrow into your province), you can attack him and beat him back. He goes to his campeign goal province.

Military districts provide one additional benefits. If an enemy attacks a province with a district in it, the district will be destroyed, but the province will be safe for an additional turn.

Also of note is all reinforcements come from a province at once. Say you have a military, industrial and merchant district in neigboring province “blah” and just a merchant in negiboring prrovince “foo”. During the game you’ll get an alert that reinfocements are coming from Blah and an infanty, clockwork man, and trade caravan all head towards your capitol. Then a few minutes later you get the alert that the reinforcements from Foo have arrived and you’ll get another trade caravan.

I think the peons do appear again though. I’m in the alim campaign right now. After I beat the 2 dark alim guys, I got one turn where neither of them showed up, after that one of them respawned back on the map.

That only happens in the Alin campaign.

Here’s a neat tip: if you select one of your caravans the mini-map shows lines that represent your trade routes. If a caravan isn’t going where you want it to just redirect it.

I just started the Vinci campaign and have a noob question. How do prototypes work? I think you build industrial districts to get more points but once you select a prototype it always goes to the next tier? So how is it that the enemy keeps sending many of those Tier 4 Mechwarrior thingies at me when I can only create one? On a similar note, when I get to the mammoth tank tier (I guess it’s the last tier), I was able to create multiples by building tons of Idustrial districts but is that the only way? If they are destroyed you’re stuck with having a crap load of industrial districts but can’t build any more prototypes?

Every time you build an industrial district, you choose one prototype, then the choices move onto the next tier, like you said. Until you get to the last tier, then it stays the same but it starts costing more than one industrial district.

Not sure what you mean by the mechwarrior guys, but if it’s clockwork men, note that you can get a clockwork SNIPER from the prototype building, but he is different than regular clockwork men, who are available from the barracks and are just an ordinary troop type. Maybe that’s what you saw.

If you meant juggernauts (the mammoth tank things) they are available from a steam fortress, but in the campaign you need to have researched them on the strategic map first.

What’s the deal with leveling heros? How do they get levels, is there any way to see how much whatever it takes to level? I can’t believe the instruction manual doesn’t cover this.

I thought I read that using their powers levels them up. There’s also a bar (XP?) that fills up as you use their powers.

I remember it specifically saying that leveling up was not based on killing enemies or anything like that.

Heroes have a white bar above their green hitpoint bar. The white bar is an XP bar. If you hover your mouse over something that would increase the hero’s experience while the hero is selected, the bar will develop a yellow portion that indicates how much xp the hero will have if you do that. The number of stars above the white bar indicates the hero’s level.

Heroes gain levels by gaining abilities. The Vinci and Alin heroes research their powers with Wealth. Every hero has four powers which can be unlocked and upgraded with Wealth, and every unlock and upgrade increases the hero’s experience. More powerful unlocks and upgrades increase it more.

Coutl heroes work differently. They gain a bit of experience when you tech up (first large city, first great city), but their main source is actually using their powers, which have a direct per-use Energy cost (which is like Wealth). Their powers unlock based on how big your biggest city is – if you have a great city, you can use all their powers. If you only have a large city, you can use the first three but not the fourth. If you have not even a large city, you can use the first two and that’s it.

In the campaign, things work essentially the same way, except that you can only improve your heroes’ powers on the campaign map, with research points. Needless to say, this makes the campaign play a bit differently than the real game.

It’s…right there when you select a hero. Vinci and Alin level heroes by paying wealth to buy new powers. Cuotl level them just by using powers, since using Cuotl powers costs energy.

And yeah, the campaign makes everyting play way differently, since the primary use for wealth/energy is eliminated. Once I started using the calculator in the Vinci campaign to convert all my wealth to Timonium, it became insanely easy.

How do Vinci heroes level up in the campaign, then? I’ve bought quite a few powers, and only the sniper guy has leveled up any. I hardly even use him…

The Vinci and Alin level their heroes by purchasing powers. Mouse over a power and you’ll see a shaded portion of the experience bar that shows how much experience you’ll get for buying that power.

The Cuotl level up by actually using their powers, which cost energy. Note, however, that many of their powers can only be used by targeting an enemy unit, so you’ll often have to get in fights to level Cuotl heroes.

Also, the third and fourth powers for any hero require a large and great city.


EDIT: Whoa, too slow. Way to come in after fifteen people have already answered the question, Tom.

Heroes level up in the campaign through experience which is the head icon on the far right of the campaign screen. You gain experience by completing objectives in the scenarios.

My advice is to focus on a single hero you use a lot and buy all their powers first. Then move on to another hero you use a lot and so forth. In general, start with Giacomo and then move on according to preference. I like Venza because she’s cheap and summons quickly once you get her “cheap and summons quickly” power. I like Distruzio for Zeke, and he also has pretty good powers. Lenora’s Piracy abilities are pretty cool, and so are her Boosters.

When you buy powers, if you buy enough to level up the hero, the experience-spending screen will have text in the upper left that says DING GRATZ LEVEL FIVE or whatever. More expensive and/or advanced powers count for more. If you’re just leveling up everybody’s first power, it’s easy to see how you’re not gaining character levels.