Rise of Legends - Help Thread

You can’t get Distruizo for the multi player can you? Asside from Giconomo, for the Vinci people he was my 2nd favorite hero. I hope at some point they offer the single player game heroes in multi player. They could do the old hero inn trick from WCIII.


Don’t get too attached to the sniper guy. You lose him permanently after the Alin campaign.

No you can’t. I really wish you could, as he’s one of my favorites with his summon clockwork power.

OK, I hope this isn’t a stupid question, but I’m still trying to sort this Hero leveling thing out:

In the Vinci (first campaign series) campaign - Is the only way to level up Heroes - is to purchase more advanced powers for them in the campaign screen? Or can they actually level up if you use them all in each territory scenario adn complete all the objectives? I’ve never seen one of my Hero’s level up, unless I bought them powers on the campaign map that made their level higher.

By doing missions and bonus objectives in missions, you earn hero points. You then spend them between missions (on the strategic map in other words) by clicking I believe the bottom right button. As you buy powers on that screen, they gain levels. It doesn’t really shove it in your face, but occasionally when you buy a power it will say “Level gained!” or something under the hero’s portrait.

Do you lose points if your hero dies multiple times?

And last question (I think)… Do you get more experience or more strategic bonuses if you play on the tough difficutly level vs. moderate?

It doesn’t matter how often your heroes die. During the campaign, the only time they advance in power is between missions, on the strategic map, and the only way you advance them is by spending hero points which you earn by completing quest objectives and conquering territories. What the heroes actually DO isn’t relevant.

I don’t know if playing on different difficulties gives you different amounts of hero points, but I doubt it. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll max out Giacomo and at least a couple of others by the end of the game. You will not use every single hero, there’s really a ton of them. Just pick maybe four you like who have different types of powers, and use them on different missions as appropriate.

Secerios are worth a fixed sum of XP. You can see it on the little info boxes that float above each province. I do not know if every province yields xp. I think neutral ones do, and original enemy ones do, but if a province has been conquered once, it no longer gives any xp.

I have a question, which might seem odd:

Can you have a single player (no AI) game? I want to run a bunch of tests without AI interference. Or can you have more then one copy of RoL running with only one CD (two boxes or two instances, for example).

You can go into the editor, drop a bunch of units/buildings down, then run the scenario in test mode.

Can I ‘play’ in that test mode? Really I want to find out all the numbers behind everything. IE: How much does level 1 zeal improve attacks. Is this a flat number or percentage (so stronger attacks get a stronger boost).

As long as I can ‘play’ in test mode that will work great.

Any ideas on how to handle an early rush from a Vinci player using the Doge hero?

Not really, but if it’s clockwork men, then they are pretty vulnerable to air unit.

Well specifically I mean the ability for Vinci to bring out a hero level unit for 100/100 that tramples my starting units. What’s the Doge’s weakness, air power?

Any hero’s weakness is a shitload of units all focusing on it. If the guy is sending just the Doge at you and nothing else, you should be able to take him down with 5-6 infantry squads, I’d think.

100/100 is 2 infantry squads and one second tier unit, not nearly 5-6 squads.

OK so my clockwork spiders have a web ability. I build 3 of them and add them to my primary group. In the heat of battle, I select my main group and tab over to the spider sub-group and fire a web off. Instead of firing a single spider’s web, it fires all three! At the same target!

Is it possible to select a single spider for web shooting with hot keys? As of now I’m clicking a single spider icon at the bottom of the screen with my mouse and then clicking the enemy to shoot at. This is neither elegant nor efficient. Surely there must be a better way aside from creating separate control groups of solidary spiders.

what type of info is in the strategy guide (prima’s)?

Is it worth getting?


Does anybody have any ideas on how to counter the Vinci prototype rush? I’ve been thinking of finding a lab partner to do some 1v1 experiments with so I can test out ways to beat it.

I’ve not seen one yet, but I’m happy to get stomped by you over and over in order to figure out some strategies.

EDIT: Since you can’t get in-game chat in single player mode, just IM me if you want to try it. Same as my name on the forum.

Not if they’re getting trampled.