Rise of Legends Patch 2.5

Just saw at Troy’s blog (http://www.flashofsteel.com) that there’s a new patch for RoL.


That’s what it changes. Mostly multiplayer stuff… which means we gotta play some multiplayer soon. :)

This weekend’s crazy busy for me in the evenings, but I’m up for revisiting RoL anytime.


I’m down.

Interesting… I have not played RoL in a long time but reading the patch notes from 1.0 up to now it seems the Cutol are getting constant buffs while the Vinic are getting constant nerfs.

Maybe it wasn’t just me after all being a crappy Cutol player.

I never played any RoL multiplayer…is it fun?

Yes, assuming you can find anyone to play with.

And if the multiplayer actually works. I haven’t played Rol since the 1.2 or .3 patch, if they fixed it I’ll be up for some games.

Just wondering does anyone know how many people are still playing Rol now?

1.5 people.

I think it’s classy that BHG continues to support RoL over a year after it’s release.

I do too, but I think even more that they should work harder to get the multiplayer right out of the box. A game that takes this long to get the multiplayer matchmaking working (if it even is now) is dead in the RTS world.

Patches are good. Expansions are great. A new big huge RTS would be perfect.


I was a little unhappy with the direction RoL went. My basic gripe is this:

RoL came down to making a bunch of units without too much care about the makeup, selecting them all, and running around in a giant zerg blob.

It really came down to who could get the biggest zerg blob the fastest although there was some strategy in the early game.

Before someone says that describes all RTS games, Ill tell you that if you think that, you are flat our wrong. Even the Zerg in Starcraft could not work that way. It was a very careful mix of X counters Y and is countered by Z.

I am not a big fan of the RPS system, but it was better then having zero tactical requirements to have a very effective army.

In RoL they had siege weapons, but you didn’t need them. City defenses were practically moot. The difference in time to start the cap timer for a city with 2 military districts vs one with 10 was maybe 8 seconds in the face of the giant zerg horde.

If you had to choose between adding 10 sand units or 10 fire units to your zerg horde, it would hardly matter which you picked.

If BHG decides to make another RTS, I would rather them step closer to RoN or go even farther and refine the RoN gameplay. I do love the Alin and Cutol from RoL and I would like to see a future game include fantasy was well as science. I just want a more tactical focus then they have now. Starcraft is the poster child for this, although I would not want them to go nearly as far that. Miro-managing individual units is not something I would like. Making an army of mixed anti-tank infantry, siege weapons, tanks, anti air, and anti-infantry units that would auto-form itself in an intelligent manner is about the level I want. I want it to be important to consider the composition of your army and to have mixed unit armies be far more effective vs non-mixed ones.

So noted!

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Anyone else have trouble after the patch? I’m crashing when I try to enter the Multiplayer lobbies. Haven’t experimented too much yet, but this is one of those “Send/Don’t Send” Microsoft errors.

It was $20 at EB so I grabbed it.

Won’t have time to try it out this weekend though…