Rise of Legends Wednesday evening?

Who’s getting it tomorrow and wants to jump right into multi? I’m available after about 6:00pm Pacific.

I’ll probably hold off for a week or so. But try me in ten days.


I’ll be picking it up Sunday at Circuit City for $34.99 (valid from 5/14-20). I’m always up for some fun, light-hearted (i.e., no quitters) MP action.

I’d be up for a game but I’ve only played the demo twice and so will not pose much of a challenge (haven’t played RON in forever)…next week sounds perfect after picking it up for cheaper and after a few days of practice and manual reading.

I should have the game tomorrow so I’m up for it.

Ill gve it a shot, ill be on XFire (thesilverhammer) and you can message me if you want to play.

I’m holding off till the end of the month (expenses related to both me
and several computers breaking down ;). On XFire with my nick, though.

GoGamer has it for $34.90. They also have a new shipping option: Priority Mail for $4 ships 1 or 2 games!

To bad they just got it listed, I had looked as late as monday and GoGamer didn’t have it listed. Its a trip to best buy after work for me.

As far as multi player, I would prefer to wait until at least the weekend so I have a chance to get to know the game, although I will participate in any multi player games before then.

I usually prefer that too, but hey, we’ll all suck and not know what we’re doing this way. Even playing field!