Rise of Nations Beginners Tournament

I would like to let everyone know the Rise of Nations community is going strong and we have been hosting several tournaments over the past year. The latest tournament in the works is for new players only (noobs or inters). Sign ups are monitored to make sure no pros enter.

Check out more info here:

Registration open until 11th of August

Also feel to sign up to the Rise Of Nations discord: https://discord.gg/4VSVGt3. We’d like to see new players on there.

Is this played with the new Enhanced Edition? Does it matter what edition you have?

I never played the original, bought the EE and haven’t really done more than the start of the tutorial, so I guess that I’m pre-beginner, probably not even ready for any sort of tourney.


Yes it’s played on the EE edition (steam). I think you are perfect for the competition but you might wanna finish the tutorial :) It doesn’t start for a while yet so you have plenty of time.

What’s a definition of a noob?

I’m playing since original game release from time to time. Never beat higher difficulty AI, haven’t played MP. Am I a noob?

I love this idea, but how are you identifying pros? Do you mean actual professionals? Is that a thing? It seems to me the kinds of people who sign up for a Rise of Nations tournament are the kinds of people who are really good at it. It can’t be easy to find a way around that.



A noob is someone who doesn’t know the mechanics of the game and struggles to beat Moderate/Tough AI so yes I think you would count as a noob (nothing wrong with that of course everyone starts somewhere).


That’s right, tournaments up until now have been for the pros. For this tournament anyone who’s got far in a previous tournament is banned from entering. For others we have a panel of 5 pros who review and approve their entrance or not. It’s possible some pros will try to smurf and enter but it will be very easy to spot them when they start to play and they will be booted out of the tournament (and the challenger allowed to play the next person).

In interested. @Otagan, @Otthegreat, @vyshka, this might be up your alley. Two teams of 2?

My wrists are out of commission for the foreseeable future, so nope.