Rise of Nations: interface oversight?

If you click “raze” on a city while it’s assimilating, it’s impossible to undo the raze action.

I also dislike that you can’t raze buildings that aren’t your own, or something like that. Tom was trying to explain it to me, that when your capital is assimilated, you can’t raze other cities because it’s not ‘yours’ anymore?

This sounds like a load o’ hooey to me. If I didn’t like someone and wanted to raze their castle or their barracks, then hell, I aughta’ be able to.

Basically, you can’t raze something that’s being contested. There’s none of this crap like in Red Alert where you sell stuff off on a whim to keep the other guy from getting it. In Rise of Nations, if the other guy’s about to get it, you’re not going to be able to sell it and you should have thought of that beforehand.

You can’t be nonchalant about a scorched earth policy in Rise of Nations. You have to start early and commit.


I have never liked the fact that, in many RTS games, razing a city is practically intantaneous. It should take at least a bit of trouble to utterly flatten a large building, much less a thriving metropolis. I like the way RoN handles it.

I like it as well. I just don’t like that once a capital is taken and is being assimilated, I can’t go and scorth my other cities. Nothing big will be lost in the couple of minutes, so it just seems irritating.

A very small complaint, really. Just me being a tootie-head because Tom and his pal ganged up on me last night and made me go and cry to my girlfriend. :(

Just me being a tootie-head because Tom and his pal ganged up on me last night and made me go and cry to my girlfriend.

Yeah, but then you turned around and pulled a win out of the next game doing something that I never would have figured would work.

So me, my friend Jules, and Bryce are playing a 3 player free-for-all, which I hate because they more often end in politics instead of strategery.

So we’re expanding. Well, me and Jules are. There are some really tasty rare resources in the middle of the map, where Big Huge Games carefully has them spring up to engineer border struggles. Me and Jules are jocking back and forth for a couple of prime morsels like Diamonds, Peacocks, and Silver. Mmmm.

But Bryce is totally turtling, holing up in a little corner that comprises not quite a third of the map, stoppering any approaching between the Himalayan mountains and forests with towers. Which you can do just fine in Rise of Nations. When you’re dealing with bountiful metal and timber, you don’t necessarily need to control terrain to reap the most resources.

So Jules and I start beating up on each other since Bryce is wedged in tight. Jules trashes me and takes over my empire. (BTW, everything after this I only know from Jules telling me after the fact). So now Jules is holding just shy of the 70% needed for a territory win. He and Bryce are chugging along, advancing, advancing, stepping up ages.

Now here’s what should have happened. Once you hit the Industrial Age, the shape of the map changes because of limited oil wells. With Jules holding so much of the map, he should have been able to outstrip Bryce out in terms of oil production and eventually overwhelm him with Industrial, Modern, and finally Information oil and steel. Tanks, aircraft, missiles, that sort of thing. By targeting Bryce’s minimal oil production, Jules should have been able to shut him down.

But somehow Jules fumbles it and Bryce’s turtling act pays off. Turtling should work fine through Enlightenment, but then suffer from a lack of oil. What did you do, Bryce, type in the oil cheat?


Maybe he had the game-equivalent of the middle east?

If you think about it, for true geopolitical intruigue, you don’t want even distribution of oil resources. (If we had that nowadays, Bush would have probably just invaded Canada or Greenland instead of worring about Iraq, after all.)

Now, the oil may be spread evenly in the game now, but it’d be interesting to play on a custom map that had spotty oil resources and one Middle East-ish area.

“Basically, you can’t raze something that’s being contested.”

Oh, that’s fine, but once you hit the raze button on a city that’s still assimilating it’ll collapse the second it assimilates. There’s no way to cancel.

I actually had very little oil wells. Three or four or so I think, but all of my cities had refineries, and I was hording while Tom and Jules were attacking each other. Once Tom fell, I was literally scared shitless. Tom and I went at it for a few minutes early on in the game, and I tried to take over his city once, but he pushed me back. Then, the game went silent for twenty minutes while I just chugged away.

I had Terra Cotta, and double barracks/stables/factories right next to it. And this was at the center of the map, so I could effectively get anywhere within my empire in a matter of minutes, which pays off when you’re being attacked on two fronts.

By this time, I had so much attrition going (16, or something really really high), that I automatically had the battles going in my direction. Even when I was behind Jules technologically (I still had artillery cannons while he had howitzers), I was still able to overwhelm him with the attrition and the way my cities are designed.

I basically play the game so that my cities are so tightly knit that it’s hard to work an army anywhere but on the outer rim of my territory. Had Jules pushed hard enough and penetrated a single city deeper than the one with the barracks, I would’ve been screwed. But he didn’t. Had he nuked one of my cities, as well, I would have been screwed. That’s how tightly packed they are. You nuke one of my cities, you can essentially decimate two or maybe three cities worth of buildings.

But I’m not quite good at explaining these kinds of things, so I’ll simply let the replay at the bottom of this post show it for those who care to view it. The guys at Shoot Club all play dynamically different games, in my opinion. Not only to begin with, but with each game, their style changes as well. I was up against two good players, and had it not been for the stroke of luck that Jules didn’t nuke me or push on one of my weaker flanks, I would’ve lost. He should’ve attacked me more, way more. I would’ve surely fallen then.

It was a great game, in my opinion. One of the many that I’ve played that make this game so great.

Bryce, Tom, & Jules Replay (Pretentious Replay Title Here)

Wow, that must have been interesting.

Wow, that must have been interesting.[/quote]

It’s a lot like being constipated by having a life-size Microsoft Windows logo stuck up your ass.

I watched this replay,and I’m still not sure how Tom builds up so quickly.He must click his mouse the fastest!

I will tell you exactly how Bryce won that game. I made what I now consider, and always should have kept in mind, THE cardinal sin of military strategy. I completely took my iminent victory for granted. I so easily rolled over Tom’s army (in spite of his cheating ways) and held so much of the map, and held one decently sized successful army that I figured it was in the bag. I completely paid no attention to the kind of game Bryce was playing. If I did, I would have pulled back while I still held two sizeable armies. At that point I had plenty of resources and I could’ve easily researched up to nukes. I then would have nuked him into the stone age. Instead what I did was send in my guys and slug it out toe to toe figuring I would take heavy losses but that bryces army would be wiped out and I could just roll in with the remnants of mine. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid. Well done Bryce. You totally deserved that victory and I look forward to a rematch.

Met K had a lot of attirition modifiers,and it seemed like they really bled you.And he went for the eggheaded ‘Wonder Victory’,instead of one of the more macho victory conditions.

If Tom always goes this light on military,I’m going to invade him ruthlessly from the start the next time I’m in a game with him.

Attrition is a bigger part of the game than I was expecting. Russian level 3 attrition, for example, does an absolutely insane amount of damage.

In that replay Met K played a good game. Control just enough to churn out some defense and put up some wonders. I at first thought that defense would be hard in RoN, but since resources come by pretty easily (even after 3 or 4 well developed cities), churning out units isn’t too hard. The rest of the economy could be used to build up those damn wonders! I think Met K played a pretty good devious game. Nice three tower defense! And chokepoints lead to castles! Bravo!

But Tom… where did your army go? You went up so fast and forgot about military! Otherwise nice buildup!

And that other guy played well too, but probably forgot about Met’s wonders.


Also noticed in the post game stats, that Tom and that other guy are hotkey guys while Met K is a mouser. I never like using hotkeys… because one missed press, and I’m all out of my groove! Plus I hate memorizing!

And since alot of people here seem to be big RoN fans, we should start an 18 man tournament, with each person choosing a nation… I’d choose either French (wood and heal wagon), Egyptian (7 farm cities) or Germans (good overal econ).


If Tom always goes this light on military,I’m going to invade him ruthlessly from the start the next time I’m in a game with him.

Rats, you’re not supposed to notice me going light on the military. However, it’s very much a context thing. I’ve played several games with both of those guys and neither of them has been very aggressive in the past.

<note to self: if you play RoN with Mike Oberly, he will rush you>

Oh, and if anyone actually watches that replay, I can’t be held accountable for any offensive chat messages that might scroll by. Just let the record show I didn’t write them and it must be a bug that made it look like we were calling each other ‘fags’ every three minutes.


I have the bug too.