Rise of the Tomb Raider


You know, I’ve never really gotten the criticism of the second game. It’s more of the same, to my way of thinking.


Just finished this 100% and it was magnificent. I loved it even more than the first one, and more than the Uncharted series. It looked, ran and played beautifully too, so why can’t all AAA games be of this quality? Square Enix’s other fairly recent big releases like Just Cause 3 and Deus Ex MD ran like pigs compared to this. My only disappointment is that they didn’t bring back Lara’s dual pistols, especially after she got them at the end of the first game.

Can’t wait for the third. Looks like it’s Mexico/Central America which should be interesting.


Well into this now. What a lorra fun. I think attaching a wire spool to the end of my climbing axe is just a little unrealistic but whatevs :)

This thermal valley really is nice.


Well this is awesome. Yes there’s too much combat, but still.


I liked the parts where they let you choose how to approach a problem, and got a little disappointed on the parts where they just told you ‘this is a straight up fight’ or ‘this is a stealth section’.

But mostly I’m glad I finished this game before playing Horizion Zero Dawn, because I think it ruined these Tomb Raider games for me. I certainly hope they up their game if they plan to make another one, although it looks like they’re mostly making Marvel games now.


“Shadow of the Tomb Raider” - a possible sequel? - material has leaked again.

This comes from Take Off, a marketing studio that has worked with SE in the past. The image was on their website, before being pulled after a couple of hours.


So who gets exclusivity this time around?


Hopefully they learned from the fiasco last time.


It’s Square. They’ll find some new and exciting way to torpedo the game from the business side, and then express disappointment in the developers.


Just started this on PS4. Really enjoying it. Two things are throwing me off a little: they changed the key control for survival instincts, and I can’t get get 100% collected on the first pad of each level


If you have a shiny new AMD Ryzen CPU, this game will now run much faster with the latest patch. Turns out they weren’t lying when they said some games just needed to be optimized a bit.

(And if you happen to use zBrush - light placement is now 205000% faster, from 22.5s to 11ms).


And finally got around to finishing this, like the previous game I did everything. Overall it was fun, with the story being the weakest part of the game.

Final boss fight

Didn’t really care for it, but at least you could choose his final fate. I walked away, wasn’t worth the bullet, he got what was coming to him anyway. :) Also the ending video after the credits, obviously we all know a 3rd game is coming in this prequel series.

So just under 34 hours played , over 15 months. :p


I need to get back into this. Tom’s review stopped my momentum dead in its tracks. I was having fun up to that point, I should get back into the game. I never uninstalled it, so it should be easy to jump back in.


Just so I am sure I follow you: you were playing this and enjoying it, then you read Tom’s review and you stopped enjoying it?


I enjoyed it but the amount of combat in this iteration is redonkulous. It’s almost a combat game more than an exploration game, which is kinda… the opposite of the purpose of a Tomb Raider game, to me.


Indeed, the amount of combat in the last hour has to be more than in the entire length of the previous tomb raider game. :|


Negative. I stopped playing it. There’s a difference!


Well you said you were having fun up to that point, which implied to me that you stopped having fun. That was not the case?


Nope. I’d been playing for about 3 months up to that point. I was still enjoying it. Then one day I read Tom’s review, and was nodding my head, going “yeah, I agree the story is weak”, and then later instead of firing up ROTT, I played something else, thinking I’d go back to it later. Now it’s 16 months later, and I was saying I should get back to it.


I’d disagree, I think there’s a lot more combat and set pieces in the previous game than in this one, but maybe that’s just my memory :)