Rise of the Triad Remake

We don’t already have a thread for this? For shame Qt3! It’s sawblade spinning, rocket blasting, dog-mode goodness!

$15 coming to Steam. The devs have vowed that future DLC will be free.

There’s a new gameplay video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YPQRE57hNQ

Very cool. Can’t wait to play some deathmatch.

Right-angle walls, bounce pads, and no ceilings couldn’t overcome the Doom engine. The original was dated the day it came out despite some really neat ideas and weapon designs. A remake could be fun, though.

Some new vids. ROTT E1L1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqhHXmiCwNo and Launch trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGOr3PTLKM4
Launching 31st July. Pre-orders are up on Steam and GMG. Looks pretty awesome for $15.

This was released today. A couple of my friends have generally said that it runs well and seems to be a faithful remake, but not a lot of details have come my way so far. Based on the traffic in this thread it doesn’t look like there is a ton of interest for this amongst the Qt3 Hive-mind. Anybody given this a shot yet and want to give their 2 cents?

All I remember from the original are some weird jumping puzzles.

It’s really dumb. And that’s not a bad thing!


PC World liked it.

Sorry, too much in a hurry to link, but it was on their front page today.

I haven’t played it yet, but I’m pretty jazzed to try it.

I loved this to bits originally, but nowadays I just don’t care enough to add it to the backlog.

What I’d be interested in would be a Witchaven remake.

I heard you can’t save anywhere in it. Checkpoints.

True. It’s a score-attack game, so saving anywhere would mess that up.

The devs are very active on the Steam forums and have interacted with fans, so I’m hoping they can patch in save anywhere and just disable the score from that point on if a player chooses. They have already set the game up to disable the score if you use the console and cheat.

I heard that it was difficult to load the latest checkpoint, instead of the start-of-chapter.
First, you have to start a gaming blog where you occasionally place game reviews, get on metacritic, and earn a reputation as a reviewer who isn’t afraid to give low scores to big-budget games. Then complain about the reload screen publicly on said blog - let’s call it the Two Forty-Five Front Page - and wait for a panicking RoTT developer to show up in comments with the instructions and a public apology for what still sounds like awkward menu design. And a half-promise to patch the issue out ASAP, as a bonus.

(Compliments to the developer for acknowledging the issue, and to the reviewer for not immediately ending the discussion with a 1-star review score.)

The bits written on said blog about the rest of the game do make me curious. About the checkpoints, for instance:

Rise of the Triad is based on a checkpoint system. Fair enough. This is a score-based game, and I’m totally on board with having to earn my score rather than save-scum it.
At the risk of invoking a comparison between the two games, I have to concede that that mechanic worked extremely well in Bayonetta.

Also, it’s cheaper on GOG.com for international shoppers. I’m really close to welcoming this game into my backlog.

I also talked a bit more about it in this week’s podcast. I really like the game so far, although I’m having a tough time making progress. I’m even playing the really durable dude. Have my skillz atrophied so significantly since the early days of shooters, or is this just a challenging game?


Tom you nailed it when you said it’s endearing. I listened to the podcast, and a lot of the creative features you singled out that make have their origin in the Tom Hall’s The Developers of Incredible Power/The Prey team original ROTT. Just a warning for people on ATI cards, I would wait until it’s patched. It’s nearly unplayable for me at the moment. I have to launch the game from the directory itself, as the launcher never works in steam. If I want to change graphics settings I have to do it manually by modifying .ini files as their no option in-game. It’s a a bit of a pain. Still Interceptor made a neat game. They’re spread across the world and have basically been working for free this past year.

Patch 1.0.1 & Feedback
Hi Guys.

My name is Frederik Schreiber, and im the Game Director on Rise of the Triad.
First of all, I want to say THANK YOU for a great reception on Day 1.

We are a very small team, who created this game in 1.5 years with literally no budget, spread all over the world. It has been created with the pure love and passion of doing a First Person Shooter we would love to play.

Day 1 is never without issues, and we are looking into every single thread you guys have posted, offering help, performance tweaks and guides on how to improve the game.

We have just released Patch 1.0.1.
The first patch will not address most of the current issues (Patches are usually in development before the game release), but will address more Game Breaking issues - Getting actual LAN to work.

Below is the changelog for Patch 1.0.1:

  • Offline LAN visibility in the Server Browser now works properly
  • UE3 Game Braking Debug Commands (F1-12) now disabled

We are currently working on a big Patch - 1.1 - Which will address many of the issues we have gathered from all of your feedback.

We truly appreciate all the great feedback - We see Rise of the Triad as a game we share with the community. A growing game that we help improve together over time.

Personally, I just want to thank you all, for the amazing feedback we have been getting otherwise. It means the world to us!


Frederik Schreiber
CEO & Game Director
Interceptor Entertainment

Unfortunately, don’t expect it soon.

sToast, we are currently planning all the work we want to put into it (We really want to ship it with the Level Editor as well), so it will be a biggie. We are aiming for 4-5 weeks from now

I didn’t find the original particularly interesting or memorable, and it wasn’t particularly successful, so I really have no idea why this remake exists. As I recall it was known for having really over the top weapons and “gib fountains”. It was one of many exploitative wolf3d/doom clones in a market chock-full of them.

Ugh, that was awful.

If you want to play a goold old school shooter, go and install Doom or Quake favourite engine and pick and custom mission or mod.
Or play SS3, that was decent enough.

It’s one of the only properties that 3D Realms owns that they can reboot. They licensed it to Apogee. That’s why ROTT exists, ditto Shadow Warrior. They’ve been trying to get Earth No More off the ground since 2007. It’s probably doing fine for them since the team worked for free.

I remember loving the original personally.

And yes, the have had some insane weapons.my favourite was the God mode where you shot balls of energy that made your enemy explode while making “God noises.”