Rise of the White Sun Demo Out on Steam-Play as the Nationalists, the Communists, the Chinese War Lords or even the infamous Green Gang, in 1920s China.

Looks intriguing.

Could you please edit the subject so there’s more information? No one knows what Rise of the White Sun is.


I think it is a Witcher reference:

Played the demo - it’s a bit hard to follow. You have limited action points to spend each turn - you use these to get various factions in Shanghai to sign up to your uprising - one turn you spend your points getting the workers in a factory riled up. Another turn you use your points to get weapons etc etc. There are events where I think rival factions are doing the same thing? Anyway, you have to get support to a certain level before the army approaching from the South turns up.

It’s cool that your playing as Zhou Enlai - but that doesn’t seem to influence the gameplay at all - same with the ‘conversations’ you have - I would have liked more consequence from these - as it is you can just skip through them.

Played around with the demo. A shame it limits you to playing the Communist faction. They got creamed in Shanghai in 1927 and it seems difficult to change their fate in the demo. I will return to the demo when I have more time.

Based just on what I’ve read in this thread, it sounds like Chaos Overlords, but with a setting in 1920s China. If that’s what’s being served, I’ll be first in line!


Could you please encourage non-self-obsolescent thread titles while you’re at it? A vague thread is only confusing until you click on it once, but when Rise of the White Sun 5 is the biggest blockbuster of 2048, we’ll still be discussing it in the “Demo Out on Steam” thread.

Actually the gameplay video I’ve seen reminds me more of Republic:The Revolution.