Rise of the White Sun - Turn Based, "Politically Incorrect" Game Of Chinese Unification

It’s weird though right?

I feel like younger people are more sensitive to this kind of thing, even though they are the most separated from the actual history.

I think you don’t care because it doesn’t affect you. Same as everything in life. Korean people get all pissed off about the Japanese asahi flag, Americans don’t give a fuck. That’s because it didn’t affect the Americans.

edit: oops brain fart, there was an entire pacific theater in ww2. But no wholesale slaughters of american civilians.

I agree that there has been a change. When I was young a long time ago, words like fuck and shit were absolutely beyond the pale, use them in public and you faced serious blowback. Refer to an ethnic group with a term they’d find insulting, the general public hardly reacted little if at all. Now it’s the other way around.

To me, it seems to be preferable to come down on meanness rather than references to sex and bodily functions. But the underlying problem remains the same – making certain words taboo makes those words useful to people who want to rebel or shock.

Maybe it was just my education, but I never learned very much about Imperial Japan in school, even though we did a lot more fighting of Japan in WW2 than we did fighting the Germans. Now I know about things like the Rape of Nanjing and comfort women and the horrific conditions in POW camps and whatnot, but even so I’ve never been conditioned to associate a flag with that stuff and although I’m sure there are Japanese people who want to go back to that era of their nation, they aren’t strongly associated with resurgent fascist movements in the US itself the way Nazis and Nazi symbology are. So, yeah.

Welcome and thanks for sharing your thoughts and development process! It’s clear that you have been very thoughtful in how you approached your project.

Thank you so much for posting, @MaestroCinetik! As I said before, based on what little I know, I take issue with calling out your game for being “politically incorrect”. But since the original poster didn’t agree with me, he didn’t see fit to change the subject header and in this case, I didn’t feel right changing it for him. But I do appreciate you joining the thread to explain your thought process and I look forward to trying your game as a way to learn more about a time and place unfamiliar to me!

I think it’s less about established inflammatory iconography, more about how people have been socialized differently. I’ll just leave it at that.

And even less about China and this little pocket War Lord era that resulted in Chiang Kai Shek unifying the country.

Reading the wiki article has some interesting tid bits. Apparently “the Mexican silver dollar was the main currency used in China at the time”, and the warlords had funny monikers like “Model Governor”, the “Dogmeat General”, and “General Eighty-Six” boasting about the size of his penis.

The CHP did a good series on the Warlord era. They also did a series that became a DLC for EU4.

Love the game, although I find its complexity daunting. Its mechanics are not daunting but figuring out an effective strategy is, at least for me. Kudos to the designer for covering a subject not covered before in computer games, and doing so in a strikingly unique manner.

Good review:

If you want to get a better sense of how this plays, this guy does a pretty good job.


Ever see “The Sand Pebbles” with Steve McQueen? Good movie about an American gunboat on the Yangtze during this period, based on a novel by a guy who’d served on such a gunboat.

Every member of the crew (until McQueen’s character shows up and refuses to participate) is shadowed by a “coolie” who does the actual ship work so the Americans are free to do military drills. Everyone involved uses that word, and it’s not pejorative — the Chinese are desperate not to lose their jobs as coolies. I feel like it’s probably the historical word.