Risen thread (spiritual sequel to Gothic series)

I know there’s a few Gothic fans hanging around here, so I thought I’d share some of the new Risen media that’s finally started to pop up.

Gameplay video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUdI5ezKS9U


Good to see that the combat is improved over Gothic 3, but the models and animations look pretty wonky. The combat moves in particular look comically exaggerated, oddly similar to the fight scenes from The Movies.

Still, the atmosphere and world design feel Gothicy enough, and this sort of game design should be second nature to the PB guys by now. It’s hard to imagine they’d screw the pooch at this point.

Side note: I really dig the little nose picking scavenger critters. When I get this game, I’m going to go into the audio directory and replace all their .wav files with Jawa noises. Utinni!

Huge Gothic fans here.

I am rather underwhelmed by the gameplay video. (It spoils the beginning of the game)

They seem to have lost their focus in the melee combat system, and simply adopted the console-like button bashing. I wish they would just copy the one in Age of Conan instead, which is more or less an evolved version of Gothic2’s.

Most of the content showed in the video are dungeon crawling, which is never the strength of this franchise (Gothic). What I want to see is if they have improved the AI, and how it compares to Fallout3’s Radiant AI and Witcher’s counterpart. What strikes me the most from Gothic2 is always how lively the game’s world is.

Another Gamestar video. Pretty much more of the same, but it gives you a better feel of the outdoor areas.


Thanks for the warning, thinkingork. I won’t watch the video. But I still want the game. The combat/controls have never been the highlight to me, though I thought the original system worked well enough, once you got the hang of it.

That second video is actually a bit less spoilerish than the first one. If you still don’t want to watch it…

Climbing’s back in.

There’s a shot of the inventory screen which suggests investory is still tabbed by ‘type’, but it now shares the screen with stats and skills. There looks like a paper doll for equipping stuff too. It’s a bit of an upgrade over the Gothics. Not a low res ‘console’ interface. Looks mouse friendly. Hotbar/health/mana all there, plus a small onscreen compass.

Framerate looks very solid, but a possibly a little less ambitous in terms of draw distance? Hard to know. Maybe not.

The demo character is killed by boars at one point :)

Combat looked ok actually, the demo char has a very weak bow though.

There’s a girl in leather shorts - awesome!

Overall - looking rather good :)

International release date announced as October 2, pc and 360.

looks damn good in that second video

I have high hopes for this one, man. Please, please live up to them!

Looks very nice.Engine looks similar to Gothic 3, but that is not a bad thing since Gothic 3 is one of the best looking RPGs ever made, even today (and with 1.72 it is stable, too).

I have a feeling this will be much, much better than Dragon Age, which based on all the videos and screenshots I have seen (and impressions from people) will suck big time.

Gah, YouTube gameplay video removed. Any other sources? Maybe this will finally be the Gothic game that I can play :)

October gives me more than enough time to spec, buy and build a new PC. Let’s hope it goes better this time than the last time I built a PC specifically for a game (Gothic 3!).

It’s also going to be on the 360, which is exciting in and of itself.

I was a big fan of Gothic 2 but the third game utterly failed at melee combat. I really, really hope they get it right this time. I tried to play a duel wielder in G3 and ugh…what a mess.

I think they should do an ArmA, and let the Germans beta it for a few weeks :)

Two Worlds II also announced. Go Germany. Long may you resist the false charms of the corridor shooter.

So going to buy this… I still want to complete the first Gothic but the combat controls are too damn weird, so I for one welcome the simplified combat controls for this one.

Gothic combat controls are very easy once you get the hang of it. Left mouse button + A,W or D (depending on where you want to slash), plus you have to time it well and get trained by some trainers (then you get better and better + some combos). I wish they returned to these controls, but in the end I did not mind those in G3, as long as the atmosphere and quests are good.


Cliche “In a world…” teaser, but has some nice visuals. I don’t expect this game to innovate much beyond the Gothic series, but I do think it will be more polished. And more games like Gothic 1 and 2 isn’t bad.

I don’t expect this game to innovate much beyond the Gothic series, but I do think it will be more polished.

They were already pretty much content-complete a while ago. So yeah, in terms of polish it’s likely to be a different beast than Gothic III.

I love that trailer! I am SOOOO psyched for this game. Is it really releasing about the same time as Demon’s Souls though? That’s a problem. Those are my two most antipated games of the year, easily.

Risen will be released on Oct. 2nd, worldwide and on both platforms.