Risen thread (spiritual sequel to Gothic series)

The last quarter of this year is going to bankrupt me. Especially as it’s “new PC year”.

I’m hesitant to pre-order or anything though, because the previous games have been so buggy. I know that’s not all the dev’s fault, but I’m still wary from it.

That is a nice looking trailer. Looking forward to hearing more about this one, I’ll probably get it.

I quite enjoyed Gothic III, although I never finished it.

Yeah gothic 2 was one of my favorite games, but after gothic 3, adapting a strictly wait and see attitude.

And Dragon Age also released same month. Easily one of the best months ever for RPG fans.

So is this out yet? Why not?

I keep thinking DA will get delayed, but if you are right, yes it will be a great month. October is my favorite month of the year anyway, so that would just be fantastic.

Where did you read this? The 360 version doesn’t seem to exist when searching on Gamefly or Amazon. Only the PC version.

I am buying this immediately after I read first review, if that review says that the game is not a buggy mess.G1 and G2+NotR are completely amazing and G3 1.71 is great too, and this should be awesome…smaller, more detailed than G3, more focused.Just like G2.

And the world design look beautiful, despite the fact that engine looks the same as G3.G3 could come out today and nobody would complain about its graphics, it stil looks great.Except for the draw distance, which I hope will be sorted out in Risen.

Reading this makes me wish I could install G3 on my machine without being forced to install it on the C: drive (I have it as part of the “Gothic Universe” even though I already owned the first two games).

We’ve posted the PR four weeks ago.

If the XBox360 version is still not listed it’s increasingly more likely it will get delayed, though.

That is weird.Why can it not be installed anywhere else? I have no experience with Universe one, my classic retail version can be installed anywhere : ).But if you wanna play it and your version can only install it on C: where you do not want it, you can always get it from other sources…in that case my conscience would be clear.

Install on C: and then manually move it?

If you do this, and dig up the registry entry for the game and edit the one for the install directory to reflect the move I’d guess that “should” work.


Hopefully they spent a similar amount of money on the quality assurance.

Risen Banned In Australia, “Sexual Acivity And Drug Use” Cited

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi



Other ratings:

PEGI: 16

and the German USK said …

… ta da! …


The 360 version is listed on Amazon now.