Rising Lords

Rising Lords is out on Early Access on Steam. I have been in the beta and having quite a bit of fun with it:

How polished is it now? I am thinking seriously about it.

Pretty polished. All the game stopping bugs have been quashed, and the builder portion of the game runs smoothly. Combat needs more polish, but is completely functional.

Thanks. Reading about it there seemed a lot of Lords of the Realm about it, which is a good thing IMO. But also other interesting stuff.

This playthrough got me interested.

Lords of the Realm meets Battle Brothers?

Yes I liked it too.

Just binge-watching Vikings at the moment, which I know is Dark Ages not Medieval but still…

Impact Easy seems to be posting playthroughs with the most current beta version. The beta seems a bit unstable as he has had to start over due to a serious crash.

New demo just dropped

Funny, but I just took the beta for a spin yesterday for the first time in a long time. The tutorial is greatly improved.

So I tried the demo. Some interesting ideas, but it ran a bit slow, which is odd given it’s simple graphics. Not game breaking, just felt like it needed some optimization. I did manage to lose the second battle of the demo (the one where your dad gets surrounded) b/c I was fleeing across the grass and forgot to take into account the range of archers. The battles do seem to have good rock/paper/scissors. The battle UI is a bit weird; not bad; but a bit unusual.

Overall, it shows some promise. It’s definitely a fresh take on some standard concepts. I might try the demo again after the sting of losing a battle fades.

I saw this is coming out of early access soon. Has anyone played it recently? I have a soft spot for the Lords of the Realm 2 which I think is an inspiration for this.

I bought it a long time ago and have jumped in a few times over the years to check on the development. Definitely a take on LotR 2, but better because combat is turn based. Looking forward to 1.0