Rising Storm 2: Vietnam's silly holiday event is better than the normal game

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam’s silly holiday event is better than the normal game From now until the first week in January, you can experience Rising Storm 2: Vietnam the way a child would with the free Green Army Men Christmas Special event. The serious jungle and rubble aesthetic of the hardcore multiplayer shooter has given way to green and blue plastic army men, Christmas decorations, and a giant living room. It’s one of those goofy toy maps, but even the players are transformed into playthings. The scattered presents, model train, and furniture allows a lot more verticality than the normal realistic Rising Storm maps, and the vibrant colors and oversized props give everything a humorous flair, even when soldiers are screaming and grenades are cracking near you. The special event Green Army Men concept comes from the team that won a Rising Storm 2 modding contest in April.

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Holy crap. That’s awesome.


Rising Storm 2 Vietnam is such a good game, I have been playing all year. Also, this update is really cool. Lots of fun. I think the game is on sale during the Steam holiday sale for 8.24$

Totally worth it.