Rising Sun PBF

Sure, that’s perfectly reasonable, 2 coins to you if you will Harvest.

Great, thanks. Then I will Harvest.

Dragonfly gives 2 Coin to Koi

Koi Mandate 12: Harvest

All players gain 1 Coin

Koi: Kyoto for 4 VP
Dragonfly: Kyushu for 1 C 1R, Nagato for 1C 1R

Path of the Merchant gives Koi and Dragonfly 1 coin each

The (largely ceremonial) mandate selections have been sent to Lotus @Juan_Raigada.

After Lotus Mandate, we go to last Kami, and then Summer War Phase.

Lotus selects Harvest.

All players gain 1 Coin

Lotus: Oshu for 3 C doubled to 6 by Fujin, Hokkaido for 2 R
Turtle: Edo for 2 VP, 2C

Path of the Merchant gives Koi and Dragonfly 1 coin each

We now enter the last Kami phase of Summer.

Kami 3
Fox gains 2 Ronin
Fox places Hachiman in ???
Lotus moves 2 ???
Lotus places Fujin in ???
Turtle gains 2 Coin
Turtle places Tsukuyomi in ???

Koi and Dragonfly gain 1 C each from WotM


@Mike_Cathcart, @Juan_Raigada, @Ex-SWoo for Kami moves.

Then we enter the War Phase of Summer.

Hachi to Hokkaido.


@Juan_Raigada, @Ex-SWoo

Stay in place in Edo

I also stay in place

Summer Pre-War Phase
Lotus gains 2R from Way of Ronin
Koi converts 0 Ronin to C
Koi gains 3C from Way of Shogun
Fox gains 2R from Way of Ronin
Fox sends B to ?? And ??
Bonsai gains 3C from Way of Shogun

No trigger from Way of Merchant

@Mike_Cathcart, Fox has option of placing up to two Bushi in two Provinces where Fox has no current forces. Once that decision is made, we start war in earnest in Nagato.


Hokkaido and Kyushu, please.

Not much to explain about this battle. Lots of Bushi and Ronin. Fox does have Righteousness, so +1 VP for each of his figures that die in any way.

@Mike_Cathcart, @RothdaTheTruculent: bids to me privately please.

It might be too late for this, but if you will take your Bushi in Kyushu elsewhere I will A) spend all my money on buying the Ronin in Nagato, leaving you to take the other options and B) funnel you the rest of my money as it comes in from my Way of the Merchant, since I will have no need of it.

Yeah I don’t know. I spoke it over with the bushi and the ronin and everyone’s feeling pretty good about Kyushu now.

Fox declines to call on the great Ronin army and quietly Seppukus instead.

Dragonfly takes the province easily, though with a high gold expenditure. (Though they recover 1 coin from Way of the Merchant.)

Battle for Hokkaido-- 2 allies versus 2 allies.

Special notes:

  • Allies will not kill allies in battle, but you can take your Ally figure hostage
  • Hachiman doubles the strength of Ronin here-- each Ronin is 2 Force.
  • Lotus and Bonsai Daimyo may not be Taken Hostage.
  • Turtle Stronghold may not be Taken Hostage or die in any way.
  • Turtle can take 2 Hostages due to Respect
  • Fox and Bonsai gain 1 VP for each of their figures killed in any way due to Righteousness.

If you bid on Seppuku, let me know if you will do it or not. If you bid on Take Hostage, please tell me your target. You can wait until the outcome is known if you want to, but for speed reasons hopefully you will know before bidding.

@Juan_Raigada, @Ex-SWoo, @Mike_Cathcart, @ironwulf: Bids to me privately please.

Fox wins Seppuku and does so, gaining 2 VP (bonus from Righteousness) and 1 Honor step.

Turtle pays more on Hostage, and using the Respect takes two figures hostage: 1 Bonsai B and 1 Lotus B, taking 1 VP from each rival clan.

Lotus fills the field with holy Ronin, who ignore the allied Turtles and swarm the lone Bonsai Daimyo.

Turtle sways the Imperial poets, who tell a dashing tale of Fox’s Honor, Turtle’s Respect, and Bonsai’s tragic doom.

War reparations were uneven, and Lotus chose to short Bonsai a coin. Dragonfly’s Way of the Merchant kicks in during reparations and grants them a coin as well.

There is no battle for Shikoku. Fox and Bonsai are allied. They are tied at Force 1, so the tiebreaker goes to Honor. Fox takes the Shikoku War Province Token 2.

Battle for Kansai.

Notes for this battle:

  • Bonsai’s creepy creepy Yurei counts as a Daimyo of Force 2: she cannot be taken hostage.
  • Bonsai has Righteousness, so they get 1 VP for every figure killed in any way.

@Juan_Raigada and @ironwulf, bids to me privately, please.