Rising Sun PBF

I’ll put a bushi in my stronghold, and a shinto on the Tsukuyomi shrine.

Koi Recruit ended. The struggle for the Kami has begun-- will anyone else Recruit before the first Kami phase, or are we settled, celestially speaking?

Now Mandate choice to Lotus, and their special Clan ability kicks in. While they get a secret selection of four Mandate tiles like anyone else, they play their Mandates face down, and declare it to be any of they five they wish. Thus, they always get the Mandate they want, and burn a Mandate they don’t want someone else to play. For example, Lotus could decide that we are done with Recruiting this Season by burning that Mandate as another one, or give us a chance to have three.

I’m sending Lotus their choices, but while they are deciding, the rest of you could make pitches to Lotus now. You can freely exchange Coin and Ronin except during the war, and you can always make promises too…

My bad-- didn’t get the notification that Lotus had selected in the PM.

Lotus has selected Train. Unlike other mandates, Lotus actually goes first in this one, to buy exactly what they want.

Please respond in the thread in play order for which goody you’d like. If you select one of the monsters, you will need to specify its destination. Komainu, since it counts as a Shinto, can be summoned into a Kami shrine; others will go to a Fortess. Dragonfly can Summon a Monster anywhere.


Earth Dragon

Lotus pays 2 coin (discount 1 for mandate selection) for the board-altering Earth Dragon, who appears in play in Nagato.



I’ll buy a Komainu and place it on Hachiman. I notice that I’m pretty high up on the honor track so this feels like a good move ™.

One request for everyone - can we tag the next player so that person gets a notification that they’re up going forward? @Kevin_Perry can you update the table with the user names so that it’s easy to map the factions to players?

@RothdaTheTruculent is up next


Oof, this is a tough choice. There’s so many good upgrades out there. I think the smart choice would be to get Honesty, as that’s a solid 6 VP over the course of the game, which seems like a good return for just a single move. But then again, the Oni of Skulls is so very sexy, and wouldn’t it be great to have him flying around on my team? But am I really honorless enough to commit to an Oni strategy, and be the very scummiest clan out there? Yes!

One Oni of Skulls please. He should start his life of pillaging in Oshu.

@Mike_Cathcart is up next.

Hey, Lotus, buddy, watch where you’re pointing that earth dragon. Also I see that @Ex-SWoo wants to be enemies for life. Fine by me.

I’ll take righteousness for 2. May as well get something out of being eaten alive by all these giants running around now.

@ironwulf is up.

Turtle invest heavily in the Kami with a Komainu buy.


The demon parade begins in Oshu with Dragonfly’s dark summoning of the Oni of Skulls.


And Fox cries all the way to the Briar Patch with the first Virtue off the board: Righteousness.

Good call on the usernames, Ex-SWoo.

As expected, my first picks are already spoken for…oh the perils of Bonsai low honor.
Looking over what remains, I’ll spend my coin on the 2nd copy of Righteousness!

@Thraeg is up next

And the table successfully avoids letting anyone double up on Righteousness.

Wait…so who’s next?

That’s was Lotus’ mandate so I think you’re next.

Edit: sorry, looks like @Thraeg hasn’t trained yet.

Correct, waiting for @Thraeg.

No harm in me sending Turtle his Mandate choices now, though, to keep moving. He won’t announce until the Lotus Train Mandate is fully complete.


Hmm - @ironwulf - do you have any strong preferences for which mandate I pick?


I’ll buy the Jorugumo.

Koi invokes the woman spider Jorogumo, who will play merry hell with any battle she participates in.