Rising Sun PBF

@Juan_Raigada Reminder for Lotus recruit action.

Bushi to Nagato


@Ex-SWoo for Turtle’s double Recruit.


2 Bushi in Edo

@RothdaTheTruculent next

Am I mistaken on the recruit mandate? I thought you could summon one figure to each of your strongholds with the mandate chooser being able to summon an additional figure to any of their strongholds even if they already summoned there.

(Not trying to inconvenience my Turtle ally, but if I could have summoned both my bushi to the same stronghold I would have done my move differently)

You are correct! I’ll amend Turtle’s move to the only legal one. Dragonfly is the exception with their clan ability.

Oh - in that case can I replace the bushi in Kyoto for a shinto in Fuujin?


I will start things off by giving 2 coins to Fox, as promised.

As for the rest of this, man that is a tough choice. I looked at about 6 different moves and can’t tell that anyone of them are better than the others. I will reluctantly place 2 Bushi in Shikoku.

Actually, wait, scratch that and reverse it. If it’s not too late I’d like to put 1 Bushi in Shikoku and 1 in Oshu. Still 2 coins to Fox though.

Magic @Mike_Cathcart is next.

After Fox will follow the second Kami phase of Spring. Owners be thinking about where you want to move or place the Kami–after we see if Fox changes who owns what. The Kami moves will be made in Kami order from left to right: Hachiman, Amaterasu, Fujin, and Tsukuyoki, assuming the order matters to anyone.

I’ll put a Shinto on Hachiman and the other on Kansai.

Kami Spring 2
Fox gains 2 Ronin
Fox brings Hachiman to ??? @Mike_Cathcart
Lotus stays top Honor
Lotus brings Amaterasu to ??? @Juan_Raigada
Turtle gains 2 moves: ??, ?? @Ex-SWoo
Turtle brings Fujin to ??? @Ex-SWoo
Koi gains 2 coin
Koi brings Tsukuyomi to ??? @Thraeg

Turtle, Fujin’s Kami worship ability allows you to execute 2 moves: either 1 unit twice, or two units once each.

Minor correction: I think you put my new Bushi who was supposed to be in Shikoku in Hokkaido instead, e.g. there should be 2 of my Dragonfly Bushi in Shikoku.


Place Fuujin in Edo and move 1 Bushi from Kyoto to Edo as well


Fixed my Dragonfly error, sorry!