Rising Sun PBF

@Ex-SWoo with the allied discount

Hmm - not much here for me to take. Would love to utilize the 1coin discount but I think I’ll pass on that and…


I’ll take the Path of the Lion


One Honesty for me.



omg whatever, you’re all the worst.

“Don’t take train,” he says.

I guess I’ll take Honesty.

@Thraeg, Koi have the last Mandate selection of Spring. PM’d you the choices.

After the Mandate selection and execution, we do the last Kami phase of Spring, and then the War Phase begins.


Yay! We’re Honesty Bros now!

@Juan_Raigada, I’m able to pick Harvest, and you currently have the most force in two provinces, while I don’t have any. Would you be interested in trading me three coins/ronin to pick Harvest?

Ping for @Juan_Raigada. Or, @Thraeg assume his answer is no and do what is best for Koi.

Two coins and it’s a deal, @Thraeg

Ok, two coins is acceptable. I’ll use Harvest.

Lotus is first on the VP track after Koi’s Harvest.

Final Kami phase of Spring:

Koi breaks the status table with two digits of coins.

Last placement and use of Kami powers before the War Phase. Be mindful of the impact they have on the battle in their province.

@Mike_Cathcart, @Juan_Raigada, @Ex-SWoo, @Thraeg for Kami actions.

Hachi stays put for now.

Lotus stays put too


Ping for @Ex-SWoo and @Thraeg for their Kami actions.


I’ll ignore the moves for now and place Fuujin in Edo


No move for me.

Fujin was already in Edo-- just to confirm.

We now enter the Pre-War phase for Spring.

Some cash payouts from Way of the Shogun, and Koi had no Ronin to convert to coins.

It is now Fox’s turn to shine. The Fox clan special ability allows them to place one Bushi in any Province where they have no Force. So @Mike_Cathcart, you have 4 Bushi in reserve right now. Where do you wish them to appear? (Note that this is not a Summon for purposes of other card abilities.)

While he is deciding, here is another view of the War dispositions.