Rita: cat 5, 175 mph winds, 3rd strongest ever

Holy fcking sht.

“PIX 7 – I have never actually seen the models forecast winds of this intensity.”

“If this scenario develops, not only will the coast receive catastrophic damage from the storm surge, but interior Texas, including the Dallas/Fort Worth area, might see a deluge of 15 - 30 inches of rain. A huge portion of Texas would be a disaster area.”

Good God. This seems like the right forum for this, because this is downright biblical in scope.

And here’s the politics: the only good I could see coming out of this would be if there were a severe enough oil/gas price shock to really create momentum towards energy conservation & independence in this country. Looks like we’ll find out if the people who were saying “the American energy system is stretched to the limit after Katrina” were right…

Cheers (?!),

Valuable blog, thanks for the heads up.

Old news. That post from last night at 11 pm, and as we learned with Katrina, there can be drastic information changes hour to hour, minute to minute.

New news, back up to 913 mb, and expected further degradation as Rita makes landfall…hopefully.

Still going to be an extremely dangerous hurricane when it hits, but there’s a wee bit of optimism that it won’t be a storm on the order of the one that just hit NOLA.

Category 4 now.

I thought I read they were expecting a Cat 3 when it hit landfall. Still not good, but definitely not the “Perfect Storm” disasters some headlines were declaring earlier.