Rive - Run and Gun/Shmup for PC/PS4

This game deserves more attention than it’s getting. It’s a very polished, very chaotic run&gun with shot 'em up sections mixed in. The controls are very tight but take a little getting used to. The level and encounter design has been quite good so far. The game is fairly hard, but the checkpoints are generous. The sense of humor and the dialogue can be a bit too video game referential and doesn’t really work IMO, but the game is solid enough that it doesn’t detract too much from the overall experience.

Played it at gamescom last month and really liked it; probably will pick it up for the weekend. Two Tribes, literally and figuratively, going out with a bang.

For 40 cents more, you can also pick up their entire catalogue on Steam. They’re all good games, shame to hear the devs didn’t achieve more success.

Looks cool. I’m glad they managed to release it. I think all of their other games are great, especially Toki Tori 2.

Shame “Rive” has a terrible name :) Then again a lack of modern marketing is what Two Tribes claimed killed them, so it’s to be expected that it has a terrible name.

Link to the cheaper pack, if any one wants it. (I already had all the other games, so I ‘only’ save £0.93)

Hmmm… what happened to the Wii U release?

Seems cancelled. Two Tribes seems to be closing, so we might be lucky they finished it at all.

I’m really enjoying it so far. The pew-pew and the splodey-splodey–sorry for the lingo–feel good, and I’m also digging the graphics. It’s definitely challenging at times, but not the kind that makes me quit the game in frustration. Playing it on PC.

Just finished this, and it might be my favorite unheralded Humble discovery. Great mix of platforming and 360-degree shooting, and full of crazy setpieces (the one below is a particular favorite, with a half-dozen distinct threats to balance at once).

It’s a shame that this was the end of the road for Two Tribes. For anybody else that got it in the Monthly, don’t sleep on giving it a fair shake.