River City Ransom Is Back

I’m pretty sure some folks here have talked about it before. There’s a River City Ransom remake in the works for the GBA…

River City Ransom EX, as it’s called, pits Alex and Ryan, two high school students, against Slick, the most powerful gang leader in River City. With his group of nasty students and gang bosses, Slick has literally abducted the City’s high school and put it up for ransom. The two heroic students have to battle through tough gangs to get to Slick and stop his devious plan.



Dammit, I was really hoping for a true sequel. The new features sound cool though.

I loved RCR, and played through it a couple of times. I guess I will hold off on digging the Nintendo out of the garage and begin lobbying wife support for purchase of a GASP.

Lance: BARF!

Check out this little indie RCR inspired game in development

Little Fighter 2!!!

LF2 is flat out amazing. It’s some of the best multiplayer to be had these days.