Road Redemption isn't X-rated yet, but all things are possible with determination


There may soon be a porn-filled version of Road Redemption.

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With some STDs floating around, it could become a real Road Rash.


I may have tried to check these out. Note that you switch between “Nutaku” and “Nukatu” in your writeup, and in the last paragraph you use “Nukatu”. I think the nukatu dot net or dot com pages probably do something horrible given that they redirect to a site called “friendlyappz” that asks you to install something on your computer to continue. So fix that.


Sorry about that. Spellcheck was losing its mind all through this story.

It is Nutaku, which I guess is supposed to be like New and Otaku smashed together.


I thought it was “Nut” and “Otaku”




Is this a thing people want?


The closer we get to some kind of immersive porn videogame and robot sex workers, the more isolated, terrible, ashamed and alone the people who gravitate towards that kind of thing will be. I’m guessing a lot of suicides and mass shootings as these lonely, sad young men withdraw completely into their disturbing worlds. What a time to be alive!