Rob Liefeld's new project

Ugh. Fucking fundies.

Liefeld seems a good match on this one, since in the rapture God comes down and takes everyone’s feet. Says so in the Bible.

It’s really weird to see Liefeld’s terrible art get such nice colorization.

For instance, consider this image:

Do you think the guy trying to shade and color that soldier’s arm (top left) was thinking “What the hell do I do here? The anatomy… it’s imaginary!”

I like to think he spent a lot of time flipping through a kitchen countertop sample catalogue, trying to pick out the perfect stone texture to fill up all that white space

I believe that first panel is Liefeld trying to say, “I can’t draw feet, huh? Take a look at THIS bad boy!”

I know it’s been done to death, but god, it really is amazing just how bad he is. Look at that leg in the first panel. Where is it coming from? How did it kick that guy? Why is it so huge?

Bags, it’s obviously PERSPECTIVE.


We discussed this when it was announced and determined that there was something wrong with every single page of art they had released. I kinda want to buy the book just to laugh at it.

Holy hell, look at that dude’s right arm. His forearm is twice as long as upper arm and it still kinda melts into the bicep, and then somehow disappears behind the guy’s Pec, even though he should be twisting to the left because of the kick…oh wait, that is his left leg? Oh jeez…does he only have one leg? Is this a story about a onelegged soldier with a mutated right arm? Sounds good.

I haven’t been able to get the site to load. Is it down for anyone else?

I can’t tell – does the guy have pouches on his belt?

Holy shit… he does!

+2 pouches = +2 AWESOME

Would it be in poor taste to ask rhetorically why artists like Mike Wieringo - or heck, even Michael Turner - were taken before their time yet Liefeld remains alive and somehow employed?

That’s a bit too far man.

I mean I can’t believe this guy gets work but I wish no ill. I’m astounded that people ate his shit up.

It’s for the same reason that we lost Jimi Hendrix at 28, but Yanni is still with us: God hates us.


I have no idea if Leifield ever had any art schooling, but his work looks typical of a student who is self-taught and knows jack and shit about anatomy.

Copying other art or looking at model only gets you so far.

Don’t forget Dave Stevens.

Soooo much tooth enamel wasted

The only universe in which that arm makes sense is one where a body builder got in to a horrible Star Trek transporter accident with this person: