Rob Liefeld's Unfinished Theological Masterwork: Godyssey


King of Beers



King of Kings

Taking on the Gods of ancient Greece and Rome in a knock-down, rise-again battle to the finish…of the new beginning!

(Also, this appears to be fairly old, yet I had not seen it here or in your so-called ‘search’ box.)

“The Prince of Peace is back…and he’s Pissed off!”

I’d rather see Brian Koontz’ chafed, cracked, bleeding, scarred penis than one more effing panel of Leifeld art.

My brain is broken.

Jesus comes off the cross to kick some ass? I guess it’s marginally better than him using it as a weapon like Gungrave/Trigun, but still… geez…

Are you sure that isn’t supposed to be Jesus’ brother, Craig Christ? 'Cause I heard he’ll get into a good scrape after a night of boozing.

Does he know what “covet” means? Because I don’t think Zeus is using it right.



I hate everyone that’s ever given Liefeld a job producing MORE COMICS.

Can we please get this bitch back in the kitchen where he belongs?

Look how he conveniently hid all the Greek gods’ feet in the clouds – because HE CAN’T DRAW FEET.

Hey Koontz, remember when you said Leifeld was a great artist who drew like shit on purpose so as to be abstract? You win the Crazy Olympics, Champ.

I always secretly wanted to see a Schwarzenegger movie where Jesus comes back for revenge. “Hey Pontius… you kwucified me. Big mistake.”

Damn. I found the ultimate Rob Liefield mockery thread on the internet and have now lost it.

They started with the standard Captain America As Deformed Muscle Pyramid image, progressed through all the classics, then dug up all sorts of parodies and stories about it (Apparently a bunch of artists were being interviewed for a documentary, and Liefield made some joke about studying anatomy, and McFarlane said to his face that this attitude explained why he couldn’t draw).

Eventually, the thread got to the point where they were scanning in obscure examples of comic panels Liefield swiped from some manga from 1982. And uploading sketches of hamtaro with guns and pouches and lines of tension and constipation, a la Liefield.

How the devil could you have brought this up without evoking the possibility of Jesus on the cross saying “I’ll be back?”

Yeah, bad lapse on my part.


You don’t know me from Adam, but I implore you to find that thread again!


Sounds like a worthy find. Find it back!

Edit: Was this it?

It’s definitely not the same forum, but it appears to have identical content, so maybe they changed forum software and that’s why my link broke.

On a page somewhere in the teens (at least on the old thread – this seems to have less, longer pages) there is a fantastic rendition of Superman in the Liefield style.

EDIT: Here is the proper thread. 29 pages of vaguely uncomprehending Liefield-disgust, culminating in an exceedingly poorly-drawn but hilarious Liefield hamtaro.

In a similar vein, Draw Liefeld The Liefeld Way.

(from SA, I think)

Parody from Rob’s linked thread:

I like the pouch on the gun.