Robin Hood

I was actually surprised at this game … hardly revolutionary, but still somewhat fun.

Reminds me a little too much of Desperados though … although I must admit I love how well implemented the sword fighting is.

Nice to actually easily have real control over how the sword is swung at the enemy.

So you picked it up, Turner? How does the mission structure work? I was under the impression that there is some freedom in choosing missions and that you can choose who goes on them as well, even taking along Merry Men instead of the stock characters. Is this a significant and/or interesting aspect of the gameplay? And how does changing the difficulty level affect the proceedings? A lot of people found the demo too easy.

Thanks for any response :)

I am actually pretty interested in this game, so anyone who has it and feels like posting their impressions, that would be appreciated. I enjoyed Commandos, but eventually found it just too hard to deal with.

Jason, Rywill – Like I said, it’s hardly revolutionary but it certainly did surprise me at how good it is. The weapon selection is a little sparse (bow & arrow, sword and punching guys respectively) but the implementation of the sword fighting is fairly impressive, easy to use and implemented nearly flawlessly (you have control over when you swing, how you defend against the enemy and where you swing). The mission structure is indeed non-linear although at times the maps can be a little overwhelming and you can easily be confused about your objectives. Graphics wise, if you’ve ever seen Desperados that about sums up these graphics. In fact (someone correct me if I’m wrong) this game uses the same engine as Desperados. Overall, surprisingly good … certainly not Age of Mythology or Unreal 2k3 but entertaining regardless.

Edit: Yeah, Commandos is another game is strikingly similar to this one.