Robin: It doesn't feel like too soon.

I would assume that the love for Robin Williams is more or less universal, so need to extol who he was or what he was. I just watched this and while the latter half gets a bit wrought, and without context I couldn’t say if it will ultimately work, the front half is shockingly good, as in being an on-point portrayal:

No lie, I legit bawled while watching this.

This… has potential. Wow.

As I understand it, this isn’t test footage of anything. It’s more of a demo reel for the actor. There’s no “Robin” movie in the works.

Ah, my fault, I just went by the title. Still, if there ever is a movie, I think we have the main actor nailed down.

Edit: Though for fun, I’ll wager $20 that by next Monday, there will be a greenlit project based on this. Takers?

That was amazing.

If I was a gambling man I’d take that bet. The buzz around this is really something.

The mannerisms. Body posture. That was some really impressive acting.

Apparently he (Jamie Costa) did a tribute compilation of Vines a few years ago:

But with the lead recast as Chris Pratt.

Too soon. And tooooooo wrong.

Just wait. It’ll happen.

Deep down, yeah, I know. I just don’t want to. ;)

I don’t want to take your $20, but I will gladly bet an “I told you so!” come next Monday. :)

The only thing that will come out of this is perhaps some auditions for a guy who does a solid Robin Williams impression. But his demo reel isn’t going to launch a Robin Williams biopic. If that ever happens, it’s going to be the traditional way. Namely, someone writes a script, sells it to a production company, the production company does all the scut-work of getting the project financed, and then a bankable name is cast in the lead role. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were already a few Robin Williams biopic scripts floating around out there.

In other words, Chris Pratt IS Robin Williams, coming to a theater (?) near you some Christmas season or another!


What I know about movie production could fit in Chris Pratt’s moral inventory, so I’m certainly willing to concede the point. Still, what a brilliant depiction.

What a brilliant portrayal. Uncanny. It’s like young Pam Dawber stepped right out of a time machine from 40 years ago.

So you’re saying the Pam Dawber biopic will be greenlit by Monday? (Sorry, couldn’t resist…)

Mindy never had big hair. She always had 70’s (flat) hair.

Heh, touche. It didn’t really occur to me that she was even supposed to be Pam Dauber until I watched it a few times, so I think we’re going to pass on her biopic.

It’s a good reel, but there’s no way this guy gets a lead role in a large-production Robin Williams biopic. Maybe an network movie, or an AMC, but nothing with a big budget. No film financing group is going to give $50 million+ for a movie starring a no-name actor, no matter how uncanny his portrayal is.

That being said, if you could get Aaron Sorkin to write and direct it, maybe Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu would take a chance on the guy.