Robin Williams Returns to TV

With Sarah Michelle Gellar playing as his daughter.,92651/

Titled Crazy Ones, because of the craziness, the previously reported show stars Williams as the “brilliant” head of an ad agency who frequently clashes with its creative director—a rival who just happens to be his own daughter, played by Gellar.

I expect this to get canceled quickly.

Why? Sarah Michelle Gellar is pretty good at comedy, and Robin Williams is a god at it.

Robin Williams made some touching family movies that I liked as a kid. He’s never been a good stand-up. He should make another movie like Death to Smoochy.

Robin Williams was terrific at stand-up back in the cocaine and suspenders days.

I haven’t liked a movie he’s made in a long time.

My lawn, you should get off of it.

Has he ever made a movie you liked?

Okay, maybe I should clarfiy that I haven’t liked his performance in a movie in which he’s appeared in a long time. I don’t think I’ve ever liked a movie he’s “made.”

I like his more serious roles. Good Will Hunting, One Hour Photo, and Insomnia (although I prefer the original) come to mind.

Fair enough. But since you referenced his stand up and his movies I thought you were talking about comedies. As far as those go, I can kinda recommend Survivors and Cadillac Man, but they are both a mixed bag.

Edit: Wait, he was great in Aladdin.

On the one hand: Hook.
On the other hand: Old Dogs.

Robin Williams contains within him the extremes of the universe. It is a wonder he does not burst apart.

I still enjoy the Fisher King. I thought he and Amanda Plummer were a pretty odd (in a good way) couple.

Liked him in World According to Garp. Had it on VHS taped off HBO or something in high school, used to watch it all the time. Favorite role is definitely Aladdin. I liked Mork and Mindy but I think that was mostly because I thought Pam Dawber was hot when I was a kid. Can’t stand the Mrs Doubtfire stuff of his though.

About six years ago I was lucky to go to a Robin Williams standup show in San Francisco. (In fact, I lived up the street from him.) He does these very informally; there’s no tour or anything. Just when he wants to test stuff out or get some practice in.

Anyway, he was just out of rehab, so it provided a lot of pretty raw material. Don’t get me wrong, it was hilarious, but it’s not the stuff that you can air on TV or the movies. Studio execs would have a stroke if he did.

And I think that’s the problem. In person, live, he’s still got it. But put him in front of a camera and he gets neutered and he’s doing little more than mugging for the camera. We hit Peak Robin over a decade ago; he used to be the funniest thing on TV, but now it’s just sorta sad.

Williams must be a chore to direct. He tends to go off on riffs, improvise like crazy, and thrash around like a coked up kid with ADHD. In a movie that kind of stream of thought riffing can end in comedy gold. Apparently most of his lines in Aladdin were improvised. But as a 30-minute sitcom in front of an audience? Those are going to be the longest tapings ever.

yup, have you seen New Girl? yeesh! (that thing must definitely be improv, it’s so bad…)

You’re high. New Girl is one of the best comedies on TV.

you’re part of that Parks & Recreation / Community / New Girl demographic huh?

I do not get these shows, terrible slap stick nonsense mixed with excessive pop culture references.

Yes, I am part of that demographic that enjoys humor.

Oh, so you really like Cheers, huh? Great show, that Sam Malone is such a ladies’ man! I wonder if he’ll ever settle down with Diane?

Cheers rules. You shut your mouth!

Cheers is one of the finest sitcoms ever. What the hell dude?

On topic, I love Williams and Gellar, so I’ll totally watch this.