Robin Williams Returns to TV

nothing against you or these shows, I just prefer wit to slapstick.

oh wow - so now humor is subject to ridicule as well? New Girl is pretty damn fun, actually. Fine that you don’t like it, but don’t pretend its because you like “smart” television for people with brains, and that others dont.

smart people can like stupid things :)

so yeah, not insinuating that people who like this stuff are stupid!

anyway, it’s my opinion. You shouldn’t get sensitive about other people’s tastes. I may say “this is stupid” but I’m hoping for a witty response - not a hissy fit.

New Girl is certainly more witty than “slapsticky.”

Hey Mashakos, check your PMs.

oh right, there’s a PM thing here! will do.

I was just making the point that humor evolves, and what was once the funniest show on television may not be as funny to a younger audience today. My parents would be utterly confused by The Venture Brothers or most of Flight of the Conchordes, for instance. Humor is subjective and both mashakos and godhugh need to relax a bit.

I haven’t regularly watched a 30-minute sitcom show in a very long time. I really enjoy dramatic shows that have comedic elements (Castle, Psych, Leverage, etc.). My wife is a huge Robin Williams fan, and while not a big Gellar fan, very much a Buffyista/Browncoat/Whedonite, so I imagine we will at least check this out.

I asked her what her favorite Williams role was in a film and she replied “Dead Again”.

Humor evolves, but a lot of humor is also quite timeless. I’d put something like Cheers in that category.

He was in Dead Again? Wow, I need to watch that again, only saw it once in the theater, but LOVED it.

Not one of you mentioned What Dreams May Come. Come on!

Mork and Mindy ruled at the time. It sadly died because of exactly what JFrazer said.

I haven’t liked much he’s done other than Insomnia in a long time but he is a huge Legend of Zelda fan so he gets extra credit.

have to ask, is this funny to you?

they look like they are having a stroke.

Thank god this video is short, it was making me uncomfortable.

That wasn’t very good but the show certainly has better comedy than that.

Am I the only one who liked ‘Popeye’?

I’m conflicted on this. I really liked it when I was a kid, making my Dad re-rent it over and over again. Then as I got older and realized it was a terrible, terrible movie (and a musical, to boot!) I sort of wished it had stayed as a piece of nostolgia. Long story short, yeah, you might be. :)

I also liked Popeye, but again I haven’t seen it in probably 10-15 years.

Same here. I thought Williams was a god of comedy back then.

care to post some examples? Every time I catch it on TV, I get hit with some weird unfunny nonsense.

One example, as Google wasn’t very forthcoming:

Mick Mouse