Roblox is one of the biggest games of 2016 that you're not playing


My 6 year old plays the crap out of this… hey it makes him happy.


My kid played the crap out of this when he was younger. It’s kind of a shitty game, but they like it because they can play dress-up with their toons and it’s kid-friendly and colorful. Plus there’s a million and half different levels to play in. Most of them suck as you’d expect, but some are pretty well-realized (presumably those are the ones making the 50 large).

And it doesn’t cost anything, so whatever.


One of my co-workers asked for my help in setting up his home PC so that his son could record himself playing Roblox. Turned out that his PC was a toaster, some Dell all-in-one POS that was probably as old as the kid, and not powerful enough to handle OBS or Fraps. I’m pretty sure it didn’t meet the minimum specs for something like Minecraft either, but it ran Roblox fine.


Too bad it’s not real LEGO but the framerate would fall through the floor.

I have some experience with LEGO CAD and the situation is not pretty.


You’d never expect it, but roblox has one of the most interesting development platforms. You can throw together some lua code and test everything very quickly. I’ve even seen someone program a star wars space sim where you can join either the rebels or imperials and fly an xwing, etc. to destroy the other team’s capital ship.

I was messing around with the developer studio and copied some lua code to generate a roguelike floorplan and create an actual roguelike level generator in the game in no time.

It also seems to be like F2P developer’s wet dream. I was playing that star wars game and there was an option to pay 50 roblux or whatever for “luke’s x-wing” - in game.


My daughter plays Roblox like crazy. Her friends come over and play on the iPad while she is on her computer. Mostly they do ‘role play’ things like Five Nights at Freddy’s, Star Wars, Mario, etc. It’s not much of a game, she just likes to run around and explore.


From Thomas The Train to Star Wars Roblox is just lousy with infringing content.


Someone should make a Qt3 level.


Real-world toys based on Roblox content are being made. Some of the toys will actually pay users royalties for their contributions.


That’s funny, since when I first heard of Roblox I got it confused with Rokenbok, those remote-control construction toys that were popular a while back. I thought it was some sort of on-line version of that. Which it almost kind of is, in a way. Ok, not really. Sort of.


Doing some research I’m getting the impression that this game is not moderated very well and it is easy for kids to be exposed to pornographic images, bullying, violence, and language inappropriate for a 8-10 year old. For those of you parents whose kids play this, have you noticed this to be the case? My son is really bugging me to install this on my PC but I’m very hesistant based on what I’ve read/seen online.


Honestly, no. I watch over my kid’s shoulders a lot while they’re playing, and I’ve never seen anything like that. The chat in some of the “role play” games are a little on the skeevy side, but nothing that made me shut it off.

The reason not to let your kids play this game is because it’s a terrible game. And a cash grab.


Same experience here. I oversee my daughter playing on the PC and XBox and have never seen anything like that. And it was the same when her older brothers played a few years back.

My daughter has reported a few players whose chat didn’t follow the rules in a roleplay area and that’s about it.


Yea, from what I’ve seen it really is kids just goofing around, so chat might get quirky but nothing super crazy. And I haven’t seen any super violent or pornographic imagery. But a lot of avatars running around a goofy looking landscape with premises like “you’re a giant gumball now!!!1111”


Cool, thanks for the feedback everyone. My son will be happy to know he gets to play the game now even though it looks really dumb to me. I also think Minecraft is dumb though, so what do I know.


There’s another game themed towards kids, might want to check it out.


The Yogscast guys streamed a few rounds of Roblox recently, if you’re into that.


In 2017, 11 million titles were produced by two million creators on Roblox, said Craig Donato, chief revenue officer at Roblox, in an interview with GamesBeat. A year earlier, there were just a million creators on Roblox.

And the company shares proceeds with game creators. In 2017, game creators received more than $30 million from Roblox.

My ten year old nephew loves this game.


Yep yep… both my boys play it… Age 8 and 10.

Although the 10 year old is slowly branching out in to “real games” ie… Fortnite. But I do like all “safe” copies of the older kid games. CSGO clones, battle Royal clones… etc


I wish LEGO had thought of this first. (Though LEGO requires more polys, which could be an issue for weak computers.) The real winner here is the community building and chat room moderation, apparently. LEGO has neglected some of their community-oriented stuff, such as LEGO Digial Designer, which hasn’t been patched in a while.