Robocop statue in Detroit leads to Robocharity!

To be fair to the anti-Robocop view, Robocop didn’t actually defeat the evil corporation, just got a lateral promotion into acting as an HR rep giving an exit interview.

Technically, I guess he did eventually defeat the evil corporation, but by that point it involved things like jetpacks and robot ninjas who were supposed to take care of Robocop, and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the real Robocop anymore. He was more Go-botcop by then, and no one really bought it.

Nancy Allen’s 80s hair-do is the one part that doesn’t hold up.


The first half did until I was drawn away by l4d2. A lot bloodier than I recall, as well.


Honestly I was impressed that the female lead was maybe a 5. These days it’s daring to have a lead that’s anything but drop-dead gorgeous, so I salute her and those magnificent bangs!*


  • or whatever part of the hair is the “messy helmet do”.

“You let the mayor go, we’ll even throw in a Blaupunkt!”

Robocharity has become sentient and now has a Twitter account.

As long as the Pistons are still there, Detroit will always be a Neutral Evil city.

We’ll have to cancel the backup plan for the “Dr. Klahn from A Fistful of Yen” statue as well!

They should make him randomly draw his gun announcing that people have ten seconds to comply and then shoot them.

All this RoboCop talk has caused me to crave a viewing of the first Movie.


It still holds up really well. The special effects are really something to boggle at. ED-209’s stop motion stuff doesn’t look so great, but the rest does.

They’ll fix it Tom. They fix everything.

Robocop reference FAIL!!!1! Everyone knows that the “you have ten seconds to comply” bit is from ED-209 and not Robocop himself.


Okay. Okay okay.

Well, it is true there are plenty of people in the anti-statue camp. This happened so fast that plenty of native Detroiters didn’t even know about it until it’d already been 100% funded.

Detroit officials are understandably trying to avoid commenting on or endorsing the statue. Mayor Bing’s initial “No plans to build a statue, thanks,” is probably the most appropriate response any city official can take.

But it’s a private project now going onto private property, and while it has the potential to piss a lot of people off, public art can have that effect. If it’s a catalyst for debate, discussion, and if we can use the attention that this has garnered to do some good for the city, then it’s a net plus.

I already have heard lots of people from outside the region declare they can’t wait to visit the statue, so when people say they don’t think it could be a tourist attraction, I’m not so sure.

This is officially starting to get insanely awesome. People are creating original art to auction off to raise money. One of the pieces that someone finished:

Yeah, that was the joke.

This post will self-destruct in ten Quatloos.

I’d make a joke about how at least the Detroit in Robocop appears safer and more wholesome than present-day Detroit but Ryan will get pissed off at me.

Whoa whoa whoa, it’s “Bitches leave,” isn’t it? I always thought he was addressing Miguel Ferrer in that scene and telling him “(Tell your) bitches (to) leave.”

rofl. I still <3 you Bill.

No, Tom is right. It’s definitely addressed at the bitches.

In other news Gary Whitta is now a Hollywood Heavyweight and QT3 almost made the news…