Robot Chicken

You must view this show. It’s absolutely top notch. It’s a 15 minute Adult Swim shows featuring stop-motion animation using action figures.

Optimus Prime gets Prostate Cancer, and Seth McFarlane plays a reporter.

Really great show.

I have to second this.

Comic/toy geeks will be familiar with this concept because its inspired by Toyfare’s Twisted Mego Theater.

The humor isn’t as classic as TMT’s, but it definitely does its job well.

i wondered what a world of warcraft thread was doing in books & tv. woops.

Is it the one where Voltron breakdances?

Yessir, that’s the one!

Duality is correct about TMT. Does anyone know if the Toyfaire people have anything to do with this? It looks exactly like Mezzo Theater.

I just threw this one a season pass after reading a post about Optimus.

The Optimus Prime prostate cancer bit was possibly the greatest thing I have seen on television in the last half-decade.

I may get cable solely to watch this show.

The Futurama episode on last night (Frye and Amy getting romantic) was pretty funny, too. I liked the car salesman:

“The dashboard is inlaid with the beaks of several eagles. There are even some eagles below the floorboards!”

Amy: “What’s wrong? You look sad.”

i[/i] “I am sorry. But I am thinking of the deluxe model. It has so much more eagle.”

Holy Christ is this show funny.

“It hurts when I pee–”

“What did I JUST tell you!”

Great stuff, Optimus Prime as a spokesmen for Prostate Cancer.

— Alan

Wow, among others, Seth Green, Maccauly Culkin (Home Alone kid), and Rachel Leigh Cook (doing the heroin commercial I’m betting :)) provided some of the voice-over work.

— Alan

Seth Green is exec producer and writer.

Ah well there you go… Sarah Michelle Gellar was in the second episode.

— Alan

Anyone know any good torrent sites that have this?

ISOhunt should have a link somewhere.

The centerpiece of the third episode was of course the Cannonball Run spoof, featuring Knight Rider, The Fall Guy, Dukes of Hazard, Speed Racer, CHIPS, Batman & Robin, Mario & Luigi (and Wario), the Ghostbusters, and two other vehicles… not sure what they are. One kinda looks like the Short Circuit robot, the other is in the charger with the guy, kid and robot? What is that?

Very funny though, complete with Burt & Dom outtakes in the credits.

— Alan

One of the cars was the hero’s car from Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors. It had the claw arm on the top.

All I know about the other car is that the robot in it was the robot from The Black Hole.

I’m pretty sure that wasn’t it (VINCENT you mean), it seemed like the three people (the guy, the kid and the robot with that car) were connected.

— Alan

No no, the car with the blond guy, kid and robot were from the old M.A.S.K. cartoon.

I knew it. Heh.

Yeah, and I was flabbergasted that Matt Trakker didn’t win. HIS CAR IS SUPPOSED TO FLY!

Also, during the race, there was another toy that I remember having from the 80s. It was a modular vehicle – you had a simple frame and put various piece: weapons, wheels, etc. on it. I absolutely loved that toy, but don’t remember what it was called.