Robot fury!

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Those who follow console game news will have most likely noted that Square had earlier announced Front Mission 4, a continuation of their long running mecha-based strategy RPG series. Well, new stuff has been revealed about Front Mission 4, which will be showing up at TGS later this month.

The Front Mission series takes place about 100 years in the future on our planet, and has in the past, usually chronicled the stories related to the conflicts of the OCU (Oceania Community Union), which includes a united nation state of Southeast and East Asia with the continent of Oceania, and the USN, which covers pretty much the entirety of North and South America. The series has a long and very complex political backstory, and its presumed Front Mission 4 will continue to advance that, taking off from the events of Front Mission 3 in AD 2112 and going back to prequel them in AD 2096. Not to worry though, no prior knowledge of past events has ever been assumed to “get” the stories in the FM games. <—Some screenshots of FM4. Keep in mind, they’re artifacted somewhat, perhaps from taking from the otherwise clear flash website.

I mention the series here, because it skews much closer to some of the tastes expressed in this forum. The look is gritty and realistic, and decidedly non-anime based. The characters are almost all 20-40 age adults and the stories feature little humor, and a very serious, politic-charged outlook. The first Front Mission was the most successful, clocking in at 700,000 copies and though the series has never sold as much since, it remains quite popular. Coincidentally, Front Mission will be remade for the PS2 and released this winter, it was also ported to the Wonderswan Color. Front Mission 2 and 3 were both for the PSX and the third is the only FM title to ever make it to the US. Front Mission Alternative was a mech-based RTS, also for the PSX, and Gun Hazard was a sidescrolling Action-RPG similar to Symphony of the Night or Actraiser.

The mecha are called Wanzers and feature a high degree of customizability, which makes for a unique take on the strategy RPG genre, as you aren’t working with characters as much as mechs. They are in the tradition of Mechwarrior, Carnage Heart or Armored Core mechs than the typical anime Big Robot style. Traditionally, different parts of the machinery, environment and other mechs can be targetted individually as well. They’ve also, traditionally, featured a few colorful sexual innuendos in the naming of some of their parts. :wink: Other than the spin-offs, the main games have featured dual narratives and strategy engine based on Tactics Ogre-type 3Dish tile movement. Its been so long, I’ve forgotten how turns are decided. <----Some pretty pictures and art, even if you don’t know Japanese.

Once again, FM4 will feature two main characters, most likely once more with two entirely different 40-hour campaigns. Daryl is a 32 year old past captain of the mech corps born in US West Coast and described as light-hearted and a bit lazy, despite a falling out with the military due to his subordinance at what he saw as justice. Eliza is a 22-year old mech pilot from France and is affiliated with the EC, (Euro Community, much like the European Union) she is known as a great mechanical talent in battle, but is weaker with engineering hardware and is described as having a somewhat annoyingly loud opinion on moral matters (hey, she’s French!) Her part begins in Germany. No word yet on whether surfing the 'net will return as a prominent game element in FM4, but it seems like dual narratives are a certainty again. Square does claim that the battle system will be completely revamped this time around (that is, the engagements after the movement the TO-like phase) and that the maps will 10 times larger than in FM3.

I think even if you guys haven’t played FM3, this is a series that you’d really enjoy. FM4 has a pretty good chance of coming to the West, but I’m not sure about the Front Mission remake…

Other than that, another, very different kind of futuristic robotic action will be happening soon: <----Good news! I can’t wait for this.

If you read my Gameboy collection, you know I’m a huge Rockman fan, so this WILL be mine, oh yes it will. Oh man, RELEASE IT NOW, CAPCOM!


I fucking loved Front Mission 3. I can’t wait for Front Mission 4. If it doesn’t come to the US, everyone at SquarEEnix is drinking from the pee pee cup.

Now ever since I stumble across the ‘pee pee cup’ thread I’ve avoided anything Kitsune’s written like the plague. Hit this one by accident and I’m glad. FM3 was a blast to play - easily my second favorite PSX game after the ROTK games.

It was fun for a while, but really… I hope I never slip up around here.

Anyway; ooh, pretty colours! I really hope the remake of the first gets here in some form, since I’d hate to have to start off with number three.

I’ve been playing old Ring of Red lately, which is slow, but still kind of fun. I greatly enjoy the “we’re not Germans, honest” uniforms of the Democratic (sic) of South Japan, as well as the WWII/fifties-style in general. These games look like they have a better interface and better presentation than Ring of Red, though. There’s not a lot of long, unskippable sequences each time you try to do something, is there?

A link to gamefront?

Are you literate in German in addition to Japanese and English?

EDIT: Oops too vague. ^— addressed to kitsune.

Nibelung Valesti!


So this is coming out here in two days or so (may already be out in some places, but I’m not lookin’). Tatsu, my good friend, is buying an extra copy for me for a Christmas present (it may hard to get the first day, who knows?). Is anyone interested in impressions?

Oh yeah, and…

A link to gamefront?

Are you literate in German in addition to Japanese and English?

Haven’t you heard? I’m some kind of genius! :lol: :P

Nah, someone just seriously asked, “Are you a genius?” when I posted my impressions of Kunoichi. I was like, “What the hell are YOU smoking?” People take videogames too seriously sometimes! Ttaku! Why do people say such rude things!

Oh yeah, I don’t speak German. Quiter just links to many different sites with different languages. I do think I tend to be able to say that I might have a small knack for foreign languages though…


Who makes up those names? :shock:

“Wanze” means bug in German, so I guess Wanzers would be buggers… hmm, what could that refer to?

They’ve also, traditionally, featured a few colorful sexual innuendos in the naming of some of their parts.

Ah, I see. :D

Any chance it will have skippable cutscenes this time around?


I always think about these kind of games as being like going out with a girl who is quite beautiful but painfully dull…first you have to sit through hours of stultifyingly dull conversation before you can get her in bed. With Front Mission, it seemed like “dinner” lasted for hours, and the “bed” part was few precious minutes.

Or maybe that’s my problem…

Still looking forward to FM, however.

I think I’ll get this game soleley based on the the bitchin’ mullet the black haired guy is sporting! Screw the big robots, I need more mullets!

Any chance it will have skippable cutscenes this time around?

Amen, brother. I finally gave up on frickin’ Robot Alchemic Drive, which would have been awesome if I didn’t have to watch ten minutes of insipid anime between each mission.

Recently, I was elated to find that the start button whisked me past all the silly storylines cutscenes in Culdcept.

Note to developers: Even if your cutscene rock planets and deserve Academy Awards for Remarkable Achievement in Cinematic Storytelling, give us the option to skip them and get to your damn game already!


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That url error has been around for months. The trick is to not write “http://” in front of the link, and it only works with www adresses.

Ah… Thanks, Anders!

It shall be engraved upon your soul!

Divine assault…


Other fun lines:

I grow tired of you.

Finishing strike…


Now die, and be silent.

This is GREAT news Kitsune. Front Mission 3 is one of my favorite games of all time - I even went so far as to pick up some of the action figures off Ebay. I can’t wait to see how this looks on the PS2.

You do realize that entire game is a parody, right? Just checking, because in the Japanese version the story was intentionally dumb and the voice-acting intentionally bad as well. (Yes, the reporter is supposed to talk like that.) Your tolerance may get better gas mileage depending on how much you like big robots (I don’t much, but I still thought the story sequences were great fun) and I understand that there are cases where people believe the creator has gone a little too far, like a reproductive fallacy of sorts. Not everyone can pull this off of course (I thought Nadesico was stupid) but this does for me.

In any case, another thing, I have to mention everyone time this comes up is for goodness sake if you’re going to allow skippable cutscenes (which you should), don’t include any super-relevant information in them that is necessary to be able to play or win the game. Integrate them into the game, its not that hard! Prince of Persia did it perfectly!