Robotech is Back

I just gotta know:

Did you, or did you not, build (and even try out) a custom-build Atlas with 50 linked machine guns? 100 DAMAGE NO HEAT BITCHES.

Good luck trying to get close enough to hit anything with that muthafucker. I’ll be dancing around you with a Wraith so much, you’ll think I was a fag at swan lake, cept, I"M TEARING YOU TO PIECES BITCH!!!

I was a big fan of the medium laser, myself. 1 ton, 1 hit location, 5 damage, 3 heat, 9 range? Not bad.

Locust, moves 8/12, drop machine guns (unless infantry is a factor) and replace with either LRM5 or pair SRM2 Streak. Keep the medium laser.

Take 2 of those, and I can take a Battlemaster out unless he gets real lucky or figures out how to corner me. I just better not miss any piloting rolls.

For City Battles, the Owens can really wreck your day if you drop the srm’s and give it a full loadout of small lasers instead. Alpha strike from behind!

With BT is was pretty easy to cheese your way into building insane mech configurations.

That’s why it wasn’t meant to be done! Mech designs were meant to be static; only the clans with their so-called OmniMechs could swap out weapons.

True, but the abuses were lots of fun.

I especially enjoyed abusing the point system in combination with the mech construction rules. It turns out that armor didn’t count much towards the point value of a mech, nor did a few big weapons. As long as the mech had poor movement and poor heat disappation it would end up low points. So a few 100 tonners with 3/5/3 movement, max armor, and dual Ultra AC/20 cannons were actually low point designs. Less points than many 70-80 ton stock mechs. Bringing 4 or 5 of those to a fight was always fun until my friends made me stop :)

There were more. There was a ComStar dude (in the back of some book) leading a cult of followers into the Periphery on a vision of seeing Kerensky’s ships. Which book was that in? I think it was the House Davion sourcebook, but it might have been the ComStar 'mech book, dunno.

What killed FASA for me was when, as a teenager, trying to find work other than flipping burgers, i submitted a overview document on authoring ComStar and Periphery sourcebooks. I put all this cool stuff in the description of what should be in there. At the time i was a pretty decent writer, back in high school, since whenever i actually tried the teachers would accuse me of plagarism, and the poem i submitted was so ‘advanced’ compared to everyone else’s they didn’t believe a kid wrote it so they refused to print it in the compliation yearbook :). Anyway, of course they never replied back.

A little more then a year later, what comes out? A ComStar sourcebook. Bleh.

The first novel I ever wrote was a rancid piece of derivative shit that was essentially a gay mix of Battletech, The Thing, Full Metal Jacket and The Shining, if you can even conceive of such a thing.

I had written something based on Battletech, Heart of Darkness, X-men and Mask. I bet you mine was the larger epic piece of shit.

On Battletech though, I kinda enjoyed the clan period. Especially when Victor Steiner-Davion, Anatasius Focht, Kai Allard Liao and gang were kickng butt and taking names. It was always kinda fun when a bunch of low tech inner sphere mechs could take out clan mechs with smart tactics. (Personally, I always played Inner Sphere, I liked the challenge)

Too bad the books had to end the war and leave the rest of the conflict pretty much stale.

I got really confused after the Clan truce. FS and LA merged, got that, then they split up again? What happened to DC?
I care less and less after the Dark Ages reboot, but it seems like continuity went to hell after the Clans.

This is one of the reasons I liked the (very very) short lived AOL battletech game. It had kind of a ‘galactic war’ map, and you could go in and fight battles with people anywhere. I fought for House Liao, and more than once, had the fun of killing an Atlas with a Locust or Jenner. It modeled hit locations for each body part, front and rear, so you could run in behind those huge mechs, if you were good enough to be able to avoid their fire and use terrain for cover, and take them out with an alpha strike to the back of the head. Glorious.

Did you get in the 3025 beta? That sounds like it if you had a terrain map and not a series of arenas. The arena map was for Multiplayer Battletech: Solaris. I played the shit out of that game. 3025 was a very similar but more evolved engine. For some reason they canned it like 2 months into the beta though - and it took FOR EVAR for them to even get it that far.

Holy wayback machine:


So Robotech just hit Amazon Prime Video.

Should I watch, with a good chance of crushing my childhood memories of the greatest show EVAR, or let sleeping dogs lie?

Depends if you can handle those Minmei singing scenes. Everything else is still pretty awesome (relatively).

Already burned into my brain! (“Stage fright, go away. This is my big day. This is my time to be a star!”).

A friend loaned me the DVD set a year or two back, and yes, it doesn’t age spectacularly well. I was only able to get maybe five or six episodes in before I pretty much lost interest.

However, it seemed to me that the DVDs contained a lot more content than what aired. I’m working on like 25 years of half-formed memories, but I’m fairly sure that the show I watched way back when featured much less Minmei semi-nudity. And I’m pretty sure I would have noticed too.

I know when I watched these as a kid I loved the post-apocalyptic Invid part of the show far more than the others. Wonder if I should see how that holds up at least.

You’re probably aware of this, but each generation of the Robotech saga was made by repurposing different anime series (Macross, Southern Cross, Genesis Climber). The Invid one was the third of those and the original anime wasn’t related, at all, to the first two.

I do recall reading that, much later. It’s impressive really, taking three disparate series into one over-arching story. I know there are purists that hold no truck with that, and that’s cool. I still think it’s an interesting way to go.