Rochard, the 2D puzzle platformer for cool people who like physics

I just saw this on giantbomb quicklook and I am sold. I kill for non abstract puzzles like Portal or, digging deep here, Lost Vikings.
Space Pirates and an element of Skynet/The Company(Aliens) are there too along with the voice of Jon St. John and a sorta Team Fortress look. Toss in some TRON Legacy Daft Punk inspired music too.

This will likely be my first purchase from the PSN store in 2+yrs (Burn Zombie, Burn).
Release: this summer but exact date is not yet known.

Out on PSN and it’s only $10! I rarely like side scrollers (last one I enjoyed was Braid) but Rochard’s puzzle adventure style is a rare gem. The demo is great and not short.

Thanks for the heads up – that looks neat!

Just $10? I might grab that tonight. Looks fun. : )

6.5hrs in and I think I’m near the end. It’s a great value, very good overall. It’s rewarding, well polished and gives a good sense of progress.
It’s kinda easy, the longest I was stuck in a room trying to figure it out was 5min.
The load times could be shorter, but since you don’t die repeatedly it’s not much of an issue.

This is $1.89 on Steam this week. Anyone want to talk me out of it?

Nope. It’s a wonderful little game developed by ex-Remedy guys. At that price, I can’t see you being disappointed with it.

Fun fact: Rochard was the first console game powered by the Unity engine.