Rock Band - DLC Done Right

Looks like Rock Band will let you have your cake and eat it too. Day 1 DLC is 3 song packs, each one has 3 songs all from the same band for US$5.50, or you can buy each song individually for US$2.00. Then there’s another 6 tracks unbundled for US$2.00 each. Cover songs are clearly marked with a “*” in the title of the purchase.

Packs MS440 (tracks also available individually)

Metallica Pack 01 – “…And Justice for All,” “Blackened,” and “Ride the Lightning”
Queens of the Stone Age Pack 01 – “3’s & 7’s,” “Little Sister,” and “Sick, Sick, Sick”
Police Pack 01 – “Can’t Stand Losing You,” “Roxanne,” and “Synchronicity II”

Tracks MS160

*“Cherry Bomb” is a cover version of a song made famous by The Runaways
“Joker & The Thief”–Wolfmother
*“My Sharona” is a cover version of a song made famous by The Knack
*“Bang a Gong” is a cover version of a song made famous by T. Rex
*“Juke Box Hero” is a cover version of a song made famous by Foreigner
*“Fortunate Son” is a cover version of a song made famous by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Yeah, I’ve already picked up the QOTSA and Wolfmother. I was wondering last night if it would really be available today on day one, and sure enough, they came through. This game will get a lot of my money.

Not released in Canada, just to add insult to injury.

Day 1 DLC is not DLC done right.

Why not? There’s a lag between the game being done and being in the stores. There’s a reason that artists get a single track on the main game instead of three. And there’s a reason some less loved covers don’t get a spot on the main game. I fail to see the problem here.

I think the point is you just shelled out $170, they could at least wait a week or two before trying to squeeze you in $2 increments. If it’s that important to have those songs available, they could have been on the disc.

DLC will not be done right until I can download some Zeppelin.


If they’d put out an empty shell of a game, I’d agree with you. But the RB track list looks pretty competitive with the GH games. They aren’t holding out on us, they’re recognizing that there’s plenty of people who’d love to add a certain song or songs that didn’t make the retail release.

According to Wiki:

Rockband base list =35 songs, +13 bonus total=48
Guitar Hero II 360 base list = 48 songs, + 26 bonus = 74 total

Now quality != quantity and such, but in general it looks to me like they started the squeezing early. Of course, each of the rock band songs by the original artist is probably more expensive, though I’m not sure I buy that for the game that’s the best use of the money for me personally. Then again, I enjoy GH because it’s a really cool rhythm game, not because it lets me live out an adolescent rock and roll fantasy (which I never had) so I’m quite possibly about as far away from the target audience as you can be while still wanting the game.

There’s also 4 parts in RB (guitar, vocal, bass, drum) versus one for GH, but the download prices are comparable if you want to go down that route.

There’s actually 45 regular tracks + 13 bonus tracks (= 58 tracks total) in RB, just to clarify.

BTW, is the song list in Rock Band a little closer to the variety of GH 1’s list (i.e. a little more general-interest), instead of as metal-centric as GH II’s? I’d heard of a lot more of GH 1’s songs.

Bullshit. If they had skimped on content in the game to sell us DLC , then you’d have a point. But I see no problem with offering optional content if what you get with the game proper is already provides content commensurate with its price. Which it does.

Has anyone checked out that CCR song? Is it a decent cover?

I feel like a complete idiot for saying this, but I can’t for the life of me figure out where to go in the menus to buy the DLC for Rock Band.

Would anyone be so kind as to explain where I go to find this?

From the xbox console (w/o game if necessary): marketplace/games/new arrivals/rock band.

Damn. I was hoping there was an in game way to do so. Thanks.

I think it’s fine. I enjoyed playing both this and Juke Box Hero.

Here we go again… up is down and black is white.

He has a point, even if you disagree with it. Day 1 DLC is something that could’ve been included in the game. However, if you just pretend that the game actually cost $175 and came with one free download that you get to choose, I’m sure everyone will be happy.

Well, I’m Mr Bitch About Companies Ripping Us Off With DLC… as I’m sure you all know.

And I’m actually quite happy with the DLC model for Rockband. They gave us a ton of content on the disc, and then are now charging a fair price for additional songs. They were no doubt done before the game shipped, but I can imagine them running into cost problems with putting 9 more licensed songs onto the game itself. And the game isn’t $175… it’s $60. All that extra money above $60 is going towards paying for the drums, guitar and mic… not towards paying for licensed content on the disc.

Not only that, but they are doing it right. Offer 3 song packs and give a bulk discount (and the 3 song packs are cheaper than the regurgitated GH2 ripoff packs). Or, if you only want one song, pay a little more for the individual track.