Rock Band for PS2?

So, my girlfriend’s brother is really into Guitar Hero and wants to try Rock Band. He currently has three PS2 guitars (including a wireless Kramer Striker). He would much rather buy Rock Band (PS2) for $160 than buying an Xbox 360 ($350), Rock Band ($170), and another guitar ($50).

Has anyone heard anything about the PS2 version?

It’s supposed to be released December 10th. Sadly, I’m probably getting it for the PS2 as well…

It’s been delayed a bit. I believe it’s coming out on Dec. 18.

Is it just me, or is it weird to be investing nearly $200 in your last-gen, almost-defunct system when you could be putting that money toward a new system?

Plus you’ll be able to extend the life of the game on both the PS3 and 360 versions by purchasing downloaded content. They haven’t announced any details on albums yet, but I’m really looking forward to “Who’s Next” and other albums.

So what you’re trying to say is that you won’t get fooled again.

It’s not really an investment. He’s not upgrading it or expecting it to play newer games. $200 for Rock Band lets one play Rock Band regardless of the console it’s purchased for.

So for a guy with $200, a PS2, and a desire to RAWK, the choices are:

  1. Go buy Rock Band. Begin RAWKING.

  2. Go earn up a few hundred more and buy a 360. No RAWKAGE ensues until yet another $200 is saved up to buy Rock Band.

I totally agree the PS2 is a dead-end platform for Rock Band. So how can we deal with this, without dropping another $170 into a no-downloadable-content sinkhole?

The 360 drum / microphone peripherals are USB and thus probably universal. The PS2 has two USB ports in the front, so that’s covered. Obviously, the game will support existing PS2 guitars that plug into the two built in PS2 controller ports-- and most people have two PS2 guitars by now.

So, if one has access to a 360 drum and mic, one might consider ways of borrowing these two items (or buying them seperately) and … er… booting an ISO of the PS2 version of Rock Band via something called “Swap Magic”. That’d be the full 4 player experience, with no expensive purchase of an Xbox 360 required.

Not that I, or anyone I know, would do such an illegal and dangerous thing, of course.

Uhhh… no?

Uhhh… yes?

They’re USB. You really think they’re gonna tell those Chinese factories to churn out “special” versions of the USB connected microphone and USB connected drums just for the PS2?

Don’t the PS2 controllers use the PS2 controller connectors? I don’t see how the 2 USB ports on a PS2 can let you play all the instruments.

I don’t see how the 2 USB ports on a PS2 can let you play all the instruments.

The 360 version comes with a USB hub as well, doesn’t it?


Good point. My bad, I thought the PS2 had 4 controller ports, for whatever reason.

The PS2 is pretty much used as a GHII/GHIII/SingStar machine right now. I’m not sure what game will next get his attention.

Anyway, I told him of no DLC or online play and he didn’t seem to mind, especially because the PS2 instruments will likely work with the PS3 (only the wireless guitar has been confirmed to work on both but all instruments are indeed USB). I just want to know if the game is doing to get butchered or not.

I don’t see how the 2 USB ports on a PS2 can let you play all the instruments.

  • Drums in USB port #1
  • Microphone in USB port #2
  • Guitar in PS2 controller port #1
  • Bass/Rythm in PS2 controller port #2

4 players. I figure this approach can stave off buying a 360 until next year sometime, so I can get one that’s guaranteed Falcon or perhaps even better.

Wow… if it is really possible to (eventually) buy the mic/drum kit/game separately from the guitar and have everything (minus the guitar) “forward compatible” that would be huge. I had zero interest in Rock Band because like the original poster I have a PS2 and no next-gen system on the horizon.

GameSpot has a preview and also gameplay movies

  • No online play or DLC
  • No Band World Tour Mode
  • No character creator
  • Four player mode just has you going through tiers a la single instrument career mode
  • Supports 480p and widescreen
  • Graphics haven’t taken a big hit (no surprise there, the game didn’t really push next-gen consoles)
  • $160 and includes USB hub
    - All instruments will work with PS3 version of Rock Band

That last point there is pretty awesome.

My sister wants to get it for my 10-year-old nephew, who only has last-gen consoles with no prospect of upgrading any time soon, so I’m glad there’s a PS2 version.

Plus, this means I’ll get to play it when we’re all together at Christmas. :)

Yeah, I suppose it’s nice that there’s an upgrade path, but too bad it’s to the PS3. Who in their right mind buys a PS3? (On the plus side, it will make it FAR easier to sell the godawfully crappy Strat I’ll inevitably get when I buy this.)

Also, no mention in the article whether the game supports existing Guitar Hero PS2 guitars. I’m assuming it will, otherwise that’d be platform suicide.

It’s a shame they had to take so much out of it, but whatever I guess I already have the 360 version.

I wonder what sort of technical limitations killed World Tour Mode? Memory card size, perhaps?