Rock Band for PS2?

Crap. I’m not sure Rock Band PS2 is going to make Xmas; Amazon cancelled my preorder, is showing a January release date, and other retailers are completely mum about when or if they’ll get it.

I may have to break down and drop $400+ (yes, I need the stupid wireless adapter) on an Xbox 360.

I’m not sure that Activision will let this happen without some sort of “arrangement.” Seems like Harmonix’s hand may be tied on the PS2 though given the huge installed base of GH guitars…

OK, what are the strategies for getting this on Wednesday? There are no pre-orders online or at retail, and most stores won’t even tell me if they’re getting stock. Is this going to be a Midnight Madness sort of thing or will walking up at the morning open net me the prize? I have a couple of nieces whose happiness depends on you.

Best Buy and Circuit City show no stock. shows stock and shipping. Called the local store; they said they might get some tomorrow noon-ish, but might be spoken for with pre-orders.

I’m glad it’s coming out for the PS2. It almost guarantees that most of my non-gamer friends will have it since they all seem to have PS2 for DVD viewing.

I dunno, but I’m planning to be at Best Buy at opening tomorrow to get it for my nephew. Fingers crossed…

Today’s the big day. Still showing “no stock” at Best Buy and Circuit City. Post here if you find it. I’ll be trying my local GameStop…

Is it just me, or is it weird to be investing nearly $200 in your last-gen, almost-defunct system when you could be putting that money toward a new system?

But all I want from my almost-defunct system is for it to play GH/Singstar/RB. I might get a Wii or a PS3 next year but for 99% of the time they’ll be used for exactly what we use the PS2 for so I’m not in any rush to run out and get either, although the Wii is almost cheap enough to impulse buy if you could actually find any.

Evidently none of the GameStops or EBGames got any stock today. “Sometime this week.”

The reviews are quite positive.

The wired GH guitars seem to work with PS2 Rock Band, but not the Wireless Kramer.


not the Wireless Kramer.

What? Why would that be? The interface is identical…

Chicagoans: as of 9:30 a.m., FYE on Randolph in the Loop had at least three PS2 bundles on the floor. Go! Go! Go!

Thanks for the tip, Justin. As of 12:45, they had 2 on the floor. As of me leaving the store, they had 1.

Now I just have to work the rest of the day with this thing under my desk…

Still no joy. None of the GameStop/EBs have seen any stock of this game, either as a bundle or the game itself.

Note: do not go to the Fye store in your local mall hoping against all odds you’ll find Rock Band PS2 there. The only thing they sel in that store, as far as I can tell, is desperation and darkness.

What’s particularly odd is that the Rock Band PS2 game ISO image hasn’t appeared anywhere on the torrent nets, either. Weird.

According to posters in the official Rock Band forums (which are currently down again), the PS3 instruments will work with the PS2 standalone version of the game. Of course, that means shelling out an additional $50 for the PS2 game and some scratch for a USB hub.

These reports aren’t just speculation; they’re from people who say they’ve actually tried it. It could be a viable option for those who are desperate this Christmas season. It’s the route I was going to take since the PS3 bundle seems to be everywhere. Of course, they could start to disappear if the compatibility reports are true and if word gets around.

Does the PS3 have enough USB ports that it doesn’t come with its own hub?

I was on The Hunt at two local Gamestops all day. After Saturday morning, I’m giving up.

60/80 models have 4 USB hubs, the new 40 only has two. But it shouldn’t matter as you only need two ports (drums, microphone) as everything else is wireless.

Ah, thanks.

Gary, I’m pretty sure I’ve corrected you on before:

The “Wireless” Les Paul and Strat on the PS3 both use USB dongles. You need four full USB plugs to use two guitars, drums and mic.