Rock Band, Rock Band 2 or GHWT - if you could only pick one

So, this has probably been answerred in one of the many threads, but it’s spread out amongst so many other discussions I haven’t found the answer to go with.

I own GH II and GH III with guitars. I want new tunes and would probably be consent with just another GH game with no drums or singing - I don’t have any friends…

But I’ll pick up one band game with instruments - who knows perhaps I’ll like the drumming or it’ll be a nice thing to have when we have guests over.
I’m strictly casual and never moved beyond Medium.

Which is the one to get? I know that the pick between RB and RB 2 should be obvious except for the fact it’s not out here yet and EA is keeping schtumm on any release date.
So pick up RB now or should I wait for one of the others. Which?

I can’t in good conscience recommend Rock Band with RB2 on the way. The interface in RB1 is mildly annoying, but pretty much every problem with it has been resolved. If you can wait for 2 to come out and borrow or rent the RB1 disc, you can have both catalogs available permanently.

On the other hand, I have to say that the song catalog in RB1 is superior in my opinion. 2 has a lot of unrecognizable dreck, particularly in the lower tiers. It does have some excellent songs in the higher tiers, but the first game only has about two songs (outside the bonus tracks) that I don’t like on any level, while 2 has maybe 5 or 10. Of course, my musical taste is pretty much irrelevant to what your interests may be.

I also haven’t used the RB2 instruments, but everything I hear is that they’re vastly superior to the ones with the first game, so that’s another reason to wait.

As for GHWT, I haven’t heard much to dispel my impression of a shit sandwich, served on excellent fresh-baked bread (the instruments). If instrument quality is a much more important factor for you than note chart “feel,” and if you’re not interested in the DLC catalog at all, it might be a better choice.

Go with RB2.

RB2. Anything else is dreck.

RB2. Great instruments, more songs. I’ve heard the GHWT instruments are also quite good, and it has several great songs too. You can’t go wrong with either game, I’m sure. But RB2 gives you so many options, including a TON of DLC.

I’d say wait for Rock Band 2. Then get RB 1 cheap, since RB 2 will be out and you can import its music into RB2.

The standalone RB 2 will be out in Europe in November and the instruments will be out in December.

RB2, then borrow/rent RB1 and import the songs for cheap.