Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots - The Movie - Definitely NOT Real Steel

This sounds literally like Real Steel. Like some marketing guy at Mattel watched Real Steel and was like “DING! I have an amazing idea for how we can leverage one of our IPs!”

Real Steel itself a rather loose adaptation of the short story and Twilight zone episode Steel.

And just proving that everything goes full circle, here’s the name of the thread for Real Steel:

Pffft. Everyone knows the OG is Robot Jox.

I remember seeing that shit as a very young kid and being extremely captivated with the rocket fists. No idea if it holds up (I’m sure it can’t possibly), but for a brief moment in my early childhood, it was the coolest fucking thing in the world.

100% agreed. It would pop up on some basic cable channel every so often and I would be over the moon.

Robot Jox! It’s the only Mechwarrior/Battletech-y type thing we’ve ever had on film. None of that wrestling bodyslammy power ranger junk that we got in Pacific Rim.

Robots boxing doesn’t sound fun to me though, give me a sequel to Alita instead, please. Covering the second half, wandering the desert and all that.

The plot should be riveting.